Sarvey 911

Hi Everyone, I hope you are still here. I know since my return home from Taiji 3 years ago my blog hasn't been as active. The life of a teenage activist is a busy one! In my last post I asked you all to send in comments advocating the protection of Puget Sound's Great Pacific … Continue reading Sarvey 911


Giant Pacific Octopus (CTA)

About a month ago I attended a meeting put on by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, concerning the Giant Pacific Octopus (GPO). I don't know if you remember, but last October a fishermen killed a GPO here in Seattle (Alki Cove 2) and it created quite the controversy. If you aren't familiar with this … Continue reading Giant Pacific Octopus (CTA)


  Operation Zero Tolerance will be the ninth annual Southern Ocean campaign launched by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Over these nine years, the Japanese whalers have suffered tens of millions of dollars in losses attempting to illegally kill whales in Antarctica’s waters. This time, instead of meeting the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern … Continue reading Antarctica!