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I got my start in conservation and environmentalism in the fall of 2010 at age 16, when I accompanied my father, Scott West, to Taiji, Japan for the first Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Cove Guardian campaign. We spent three months on the ground reporting everyday about the plight of the dolphins. While there I began this blog and encouraged thousands of people to call the Japanese embassies in their area to protest the dolphin slaughter. My young age combined with my blog reports brought international attention to what is happening in Taiji, Japan. I participated in the first ever meeting between the mayor of Taiji and the SSCS activists opposing the town’s annual slaughter. You can read those old blog postings here, within my archives. I am not blogging presently, but the history is here on this site.

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First Taiji, Japan trip: September-December 2010
Second Taiji, Japan trip: March 2012