Last night Stephen Colbert had Jeff Skoll, of Participant Media, as a guest on his show (The Colbert Report). Skoll’s company backed the film The COVE, which sparked a worldwide movement to protect dolphins and whales in Taiji, Japan!

Skoll discussed how the film made a difference. He told a story about media showing up in Taiji, and one time the killing boats did not go out—thus no dolphins were killed. Colbert took it further, probably confused by Skoll’s statement, that the slaughter had ended.

The killing is not over! There was a pod slaughtered YESTERDAY!

Use your media to reach out to the Colbert Report and tell them that the slaughter in Taiji is still occurring! Please be polite, we need allies in this movement.

Link to the interview:

Tweet the ColbertReport and tell them the slaughter in Taiji is still happening! Dolphins were killed YESTERDAY! USE #tweet4taiji

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Facebook Page

Sea Shepherd USA Cove Guardian Daily Reports

-Elora Malama

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20 thoughts on “CALL TO ACTION! TWITTER!

  1. The dolphin murdering keeps on, i can’t understand why nothing happens against the dolphin slaughtering.
    The whole world should react and force Japan to stop this.
    This is very, very sad…..

  2. this must stop,why should japan get away with it any longer,the whole world is watching them,it’s sickening to see all the brutal murder of these beautiful creatures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Absolutely disgusting leave these poor beautiful creatures alone, I am sure they would not be happy if their families were taken away!!

  4. Ahhhh, but the brutal conditions cattle and poultry are kept in, and how they are tortured and mistreated before they are slaughtered is OK because you’re eating it? Maybe you ought to be looking closer to home.

    • I never said the conditions cattle and poultry are kept in is any better— I am vegetarian for that reason. My cause right now is the mass and unsustainable slaughters of marine life all over the world. This world cannot live with a dead ocean. If you want to work on better conditions for cattle and poultry then by all means DO IT. I support you. What this world needs is everyone to step up and motivate change for whatever their cause is—

  5. This starts September 1st they only stop if the weather is bad!! Everyday dolphins r slaughter! It is so sad! It break my heart 💔 they use a tool called a cork or stopper. It paralyzes their spinal cord. They put a cork in their hole So dolphins won’t bleed all over. But they die a slow painful death listening too they’re family die. Please stop this inhuman ruthless act . I beg you. Thank you

  6. Really, 24, that might feed a small village for the winter but obviously that’s more of a delicacy rather than a staple to the diet. Why it does not give you super powers or strength. It enrages half of the globe, really, is it worth it. The desecration of such an amazing animal. Have another vegan night.


    Read labels and determine if it is made in Japan. If it is, don’t buy it.

    Stop buying Japanese cars, electronics, pre-packaged food, etc.

    Hurting their GDP (Gross Domestic Product) will eventually get their Governments attention and they will lose money in taxation, duties, employment, etc.

    We can all do our part to STOP BUYING JAPANESE PRODUCTS.

    If you like this post, pass the concept on via social media to everyone you know.

    If it goes viral to ban Japanese products as a result of the brutal slaughter in Taiji – It WILL get the attention of the Japanese Government.

    We can all play our part to help end this by doing a few key strokes on our keyboards and change how we shop!

  8. This slaugther must be stopped asap. We cannot keep on watching this. There should be some action now. We watching to long and people get used to it. I hardly follow the news anymore, because there is no progress in helping these animals. It is like a horror movie.When you see these often you don’t see the horror anymore, you get used to it. Don’t buy any products from Japan anymore. Get rit of the japanese cars, don’t buy them anymore or any other japanese products.
    Nelly from Holland.

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