Call to Action! Taiji-Photos-

Hi all,

A friend came across this interesting photo contest, and I thought we should contribute.

Enter November 11 through December 2.
Voting begins December 9.

Contest Information:

“Some pretty amazing memories have been made in our parks over the past 50 years, and we’d love to relive them together.

Send us a photo of your favorite SeaWorld moment, and it could be featured in our online gallery. Together we’ll build a timeline of memories to celebrate the past five decades.”

Below are some photos I plan to contribute. If you don’t have any of your own, please feel free to use mine. Click here to submit photos and see the contest

Captivity Sucks Photo Contest 4

Captivity Sucks Photo Contest 3

Captivity Sucks Photo Contest 2

Captivity Sucks Photo Contest

(Please keep in mind these are very small files compared to the originals, so they will not make good prints. I wanted to make it easy to download and re-upload.)

Obviously none of us will win this. If you do not live in the United States you will not be able to submit photos. However, here is some information you can put in–because it doesn’t really matter if we follow the rules:

You can use your own name and email, or make one up.

U.S Registered Phone Numbers:
Sea World- 888 800 5447
The White House- 202 456 1111

U.S State and Zip Code:
Tallahassee Florida, 32301

Please keep in mind that Bottlenose and Risso Dolphins were killed in Taiji today, and 4 juveniles were loaded onto a skiff (after watching their family go through slaughter) and were dumped at sea. To me, the equivalent of killing a toddler’s parents and placing the child on a crowded highway.

Thank you!!
-Elora Malama West


13 thoughts on “Call to Action! Taiji-Photos-

  1. Its annoying that I can’t post in the competition…all because I am not a US resident :/ I live in the UK but I strongly oppose what Seaworld do and the hunts that take place for their ‘well cared for dolphins’.

    • Laura – is there a way to fake the info so it looks like you live in the US? Certainly they are not going to let any of us “win” anyway – the only ones who can ever win any contest by this industry is the dolphins and whales the day this ends! Make up a fake name, and profile info.

  2. This is really easy to do – only took a minute or too. The hardest part was finding my best 100 words to add as my photo caption. I had too much I wanted to say. haha

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