Video Contest and Puget Sound Octopus!

Hi all!


A few posts back I wrote about the Great Pacific Octopus (GPO) killing that took place here in Seattle, at Alki Cove 2, last October. That killing sparked a lot public pressure, especially among the dive community, onto Washington State Fish and Wildlife.

Fish and Wildlife responded by forming a committee which took comments from the public at local meetings, and online from around the world. The GPO hunting and killing was legal if you had a fishing permit under Washington state.

I am very excited share that the GPO is now protected in 7 major dive sites here in Puget Sound!!!

A new rule that provides additional protection for giant Pacific octopuses will take effect Oct. 6, when the recreational harvest of the species will be prohibited at seven popular scuba diving sites in Puget Sound.

You can read the full statement from Fish and Wildlife here. I want to thank everyone who sent in a public comment. This is a major success! We have managed to protect the largest and longest living octopus in the world, in 7 dive locations of Puget Sound.

Now on to the video contest!

From the Cove to Captivity video contest is all about YOU exposing the link Taiji has with the captive dolphin industry. Videos should be 3 minutes long and will be judged by a panel of professional film makers. The winner will receive a SSCS prize package- including autographed T-Shirts and flags from Cove Guardians.

I’ll let Melissa and Izumi tell you more about it:

Good luck! I really hope everyone interested in using film as a way to raise awareness will put some time into this contest/project.

-Elora Malama