Jordan Bean… Torturing my cousin’s cat!

I want to start by saying that I’m not only posting this story on my blog to increase this monster’s public shame, but to say that this is a perfect example of how serial killers start out: torturing animals.

With all the massacres that happened during 2012 I think it’s about time we looked at our countries mental health programs. This story is the perfect example of how someone committed a crime that could lead to eventually torturing and killing people… and because of the way our system is set up, he was released on a $3000 bail. What should have happened? He should have been taken to a mental health clinic and gone through a 72 hour evaluation. Crimes like these are the perfect opportunities to get people the help they need, so we can hopefully avoid future shootings, killings, raping, etc.

The reason I’m writing about this now? Because this story hits close to home. A while ago my cousin thought something weird was going on in her room, at her shared apartment. So she installed a Nanny Camera to see if she could figure out what was happening while she was at work.


Story by Scott T. Smith / CBS12 News
Police arrested a Boca Raton man whose roommate caught him on video tormenting and torturing her cat Chompers.
When officers watched the video on a laptop, they report it showed Bean hunting and tormenting the cat and Chompers hissing, moaning and wailing in response. In one scene Bean corners Chompers in a closet. “A few seconds after he closes the closet door, loud bangs could be heard from inside the closet and then you do not hear any noises from the cat for approximately 1 minute.” According to the affidavit, Bean can be heard on the video “meowing while inside the closet, mocking the cat.”The video later shows Bean capturing the cat from under the bed, wrapping her head in a towel and squeezing her against his body while the cat is “actively fighting, trying to escape his grasp.” Then he jumped on the bed, smothering the towel-wrapped cat three times with his body weight, at one point sitting on the cat with all his weight. Police noted the cat weighs about 15 pounds and Bean weighs 160.
Chompers escaped and the video shows Bean trying to capture her again but gives up and leaves the room, according to the affidavit.
Bean was jailed Tuesday afternoon on an animal cruelty charge and was released Tuesday night on $3,000 bail.”

You can read the full article here.

Let’s hope he gets the help he needs.

New development in my cousin’s case… Jordan Bean’s Xbox gamer name is “Ikildurcat”.
I think the police need to contact old roommates, and possibly even his family, and see if any other pets died while he was living in those households.

Feel free to spread the story and share his face and mugshot with the world.

-Elora Malama West


22 thoughts on “Jordan Bean… Torturing my cousin’s cat!

  1. I don’t think he should have been release on bail……and frankly bail wasn’t high enough.he is a danger to the community and it’s animals……

  2. Seriously! Released on bail!? Seriously demented person that doesn’t deserve to be out among the public! My heart hurts for that cat & the owner. 😦

    • we agree, Steph…….and…..and.. as pointed out in the story……….it is exactly where serial killers begin their horrific killing of people!!!!!!! Killing and torture of animals!!!!!!!

  3. I’m so sorry to read of this behavior, Elora. Furthermore, I’m sorry that your cousin is associated with a person like this. What can a law-abiding person do? I just don’t know. I do know that this person needs help.

    This story horrifies me, too. First, the idea of a person torturing an animal is horrifying. Second, the fact that authorities levied a small monetary consequences on a perpetrator of animal cruelty without, also, mandating psychiatric care of the perpetrator is horrifying.

    Studies do support the theory that people who torture animals are more likely to escalate the behavior to torturing or killing other people. Acceptance of this behavior, such as imposing only small fines without mandating ongoing psychiatric care to alter the behavior, demonstrates acceptance of the behavior. It seems that our culture, in a case like this, just turns the other cheek and hopes the perpetrator will not escalate his or her behavior.

    I need to stop myself from ranting about this injustice. Again, please express my deepest regret to your cousin, Elora.

    • This is exactly what we are talking about here in the U.S.right now with gun legislation on the agenda…mental illness/psychiatric care…….we MUST make addressing the issue a major priority and stop burying out heads!!!!!!

  4. Somebody…take this freak of a life-form out behind the rail-yard. Let him understand the meaning of terror. Then send him to prison where he can “play house” for someone named ‘Bubba’, complete with having to wear a pink pinafore.
    This is why there are no deranged tigers in the wild – the females kill off the fucked up cubs.

  5. I don’t mean to state the obvious… but why hasn’t someone tracked young Jordan down and beat the you know what out of him yet??

  6. If I was the cop I would see it there was any time stamp bc the person could have clipped the video to make it look that way. An why you ask so the roommate could get revenge on him for something. Bc a person that beats an animal would have the cat all hurt to the point that just by looking at the animal you could tell.

    • I’m sorry, how can someone edit a video to make it look like someone was sitting on, jumping on, and choking a cat??? There is no way to cut up a video to make someone look like they did that… My cousin has footage of him actually doing the acts.

      We think he was trying to suffocate the cat so no one would know he killed it. There wouldn’t be any outside wounds.

      • Nobody edited anything. . This waste of skin was torturing the cat.. playing with it and would have eventually killed it at some point

  7. Just saw this on TV. Shame on you Jordan. Someone should throw a blanket over him and beat the shit out of him.

  8. What a horrific and cowardly act. How pathetic and miserable he must be. He was fined $3k?? What’s THAT supposed to teach this psychotic idiot??!! What, or WHO (Heaven forbid), is next for this sick, insane, morally deficient punk??!!

  9. Keep an eye on this guy. He looks like his family tree doesn’t fork. After someone assaulted me, years later I found out he was doing other things that were more proof in court than he could handle. It was then he was brought to justice. Because I kept a google search on him. This wont be the first or last time…. lock him up or put him in the ground.

  10. He doesn’t need help, he needs to be done a way with. Mental illness, bullshit! If he can do this to a defenseless animal, I don’t want to imagine what he would do to a defenseless child. Kill him, be done with it, I’m tired of reading about this crap! One shot in the head, let it be known, make an example. This crap will stop if we stop “trying to help”!! I don’t give a crap about mental illness, I AM TIRED OF THIS!
    Kill him…….stop just talking about it!!!!!!!

    • I don’t think that’s very fair. I agree, I’m tired of this bullshit too. But this, and cases like this, are perfect opportunities to stop these people and help them, so we can avoid future events against animals and people. I’m not saying “help” is good for everyone, but think we can agree the states need a better mental health program.

  11. Hopefully he will become the poster child for the “new” approach on dealing with mental illness. It is quite clear he was violating his roommates space as well as her cat. He is obviously an example of what is wrong and needs to be addressed and corrected with our society. In another life he would be a politician. His parents should have aborted him, they should be ashamed they didn’t.

  12. He is exhibiting sociopathic behavior. Anyone that enjoys hearing someone or something being tortured is Ted Bundy kind of sick in the head. There is no doubt in my mind that he would have killed this cat if she had not caught him. Do not believe him when he says he is “sorry.” He is just sorry he got caught. Sure, he needs mental health help, yes, but he also needs to have the shit kicked out of him. Some people seriously only respond to fear. It’s terrible, but true. He needs real consequences for what he did. He is getting off from hearing the cat scream, and this probably it is arousing some sick perverted fantasy of his. If he could do this to an animal, he could do this to a child or other person. My deepest sympathies go to your cousin, I cannot imagine how horrified she must have felt when she watched this the first time. Hopefully with the amount of press on him he will be forced to face serious consequences, in my opinion, he needs to be in jail.

    • I do not disagree with Nina’s statement regarding sociopathic behavior……I don’t necessarily agree with her, though, about “kicking the shit out of him”…he sounds so very angry, I think if someone did do it to him he would retaliate in the most egregious way he possibly could….either against another animal OR a child…….It would teach him nothing….people with this much hatred and anger and behavior issues need to be institutionalized….they must be kept out of my mind they are very very dangerous and I do not think that would change. Just my opinion…..:-)

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