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After the protest in Sydney I met the Steve Irwin at Circular Quay! I was hanging around and watching some of the tours happen, and I was put to work right away. I tailed some tours to help make sure no one got lost, because this ship is like a maze, and by the afternoon I was doing some tours myself. It was really fun answering questions and meeting so many people who support Sea Shepherd.

That night we all went to a local bar. I was showing up a little later, I forget why, but I was. I got lost on the way there. The street I was looking for was actually up a set of stairs that were somewhat hidden in a wall… well they were hidden at night! IT was dark outside OK?
I wandered way too far up the road and ended up at a sketchy looking street where NO ONE was around, and realized I had gone to far. There was one guy leaning on his car… I didn’t really want to ask him for directions. Randomly enough on my venture back down the street I met a couple from Chicago who were also lost. I looked at their map and still couldn’t figure out how to get to this street. On top it all, my phone died about ten minutes before realizing I wandered too far and ran into the creep at his car… so I was kinda screwed. I just walked back to the ship and left for the bar with the second large group that got off bridge watch later in the night. It was a fun evening once I got there.

The next two days I kept helping with tours, and Saturday night most of the crew took turns taking the small boats over to the Bob Barker for dinner. Looking at Sydney, and the Circular Quay, and the bridge at night from the water was amazing! I never really found cities “beautiful”, but looking at all the lights bouncing off the water and moon in the sky was quite amazing.

Sunday was the last day for tours, and also the day we departed for Melbourne. It was a very busy day and I met more amazing supporters! We departed for Melbourne at 5pm. By about 7pm I was literally laying on the floor from sea sickness. I, being the blonde that I am, figured I could take a sea sickness pill just a few minutes before we left and it would work. PAH! I should have had it in my system 24 hours before and then worked off it after a few days at sea. Well I learned my lesson the hard way. Sunday night was really hard, but after a good night’s sleep I was up Monday morning and totally fine! I worked till 3pm with no signs of sea sickness, and then we hit some rough water. I was still able to function, but it was not comfortable.
Tuesday I was fine all day! Mainly because we anchored in the middle of these small islands for weather complications we would have run into further along in our journey. IT was amazing! Crystal clear and untouched waters. Once we anchored we got a radio call from some park rangers that were living on the island, and they invited us all for coffee. The fact people lived on this island surprised us, and the fact a Sea Shepherd vessel anchored there surprised them. They were absolutely lovely and came aboard for lunch. They showed us a little bit of the island, we had coffee, and we got to see a really old house that a family lived in long ago while working the lighthouse that was on the hill. It was surreal! I have more photos on my facebook page.

I put on my wetsuit and did a jump off the bridge deck. It was pretty scary and I hit the water pretty hard because of the way I jumped, but it was so worth it!

We headed back out to sea later in the afternoon and went back to work. That night we hit some rough weather, a mild storm. I didn’t sleep very well at all, I’d never been to sea before so I was trying to get used to the ship’s movements in such large waves. I was also thrown about my bunk just a little bit, but that’s all part of the experience! Wednesday morning I was so seasick I needed to hang out where I could see the horizon most of the day. It wasn’t until I helped move some of the lines and launch the Delta that it calmed down. I realized when I keep myself busy and I”m not thinking about it, it’s not nearly as bad. I think it’s something I would have gotten over had we been at sea for more time, but we docked Wednesday night.

I’m now in Melbourne again! We had the day (Thursday) off and I spent it eating good food, watching movies, and edited photos. Maddie and I also went into town to do laundry, because I realized I’ve been here for two weeks and haven’t done laundry since the third day here. Needless to say, it needed to be done.

I’ve been working on this blog all afternoon, and Maddie and I just took a walk to the bathrooms because we can’t use the ship currently. Well, half way there the sky just opened up and this downpour slapped us in the face! We ran to the building, and by the time we got there (it only took us about 30 seconds) we were drenched head to toe. On the walk back we just didn’t care anymore. It was actually pretty amazing, I haven’t seen rain like that since 2010 winter in Taiji.

Tomorrow we are back to work! It was a great week and I’m looking forward to many more.

So until then…

Elora Malama

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  1. Thanks for the update, Elora. It sounds like you’re adjusting to ship life and that you’re seeing some sights. You are being the change I want to see in the world. You give me hope.

  2. hey kiddo, great blog….we just live for these comforting messages about late, dark nights wandering around, blonde and alone, with dead phones in seedy parts of unknown cities looking for bars……did you learn that shit from your cousin?

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