International Protest and moving onto the Steve Irwin

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Here are some photos from yesterday’s protest!! It went really well. We had a small turnout, but a group of dedicated protestors who are against the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter.

Today will be a very short blog. I met the Steve Irwin yesterday and was put to work right away. I’ve been on board for about 24 hours and I’ve already done many tours. I really enjoy showing people the ship and talking about Sea Shepherd. I’ve met some really amazing volunteers, supporters, and crew! Honestly besides moving into my cabin, I’ve just been doing tours and eating some amazing vegan food. Tomorrow we have a huge rally at the Steve Irwin, we are expecting 500 people. Then tomorrow night we leave for Melbourne. I cannot wait to blog again next week and tell you all about the rally and the transit from Sydney to Melbourne.

Thanks for reading these short updates while I get settled into the ship. I will have lots to say when I reach Melbourne after the trip.
I did learn my first knot today! The bowline, and I’ve been practicing it as much as I can. It’s a pretty basic knot, but I’m very excited about the next few months and about learning about ship life and work.

Thanks again for the support! I’ll be back on the internet next week sometime.

-Elora Malama West

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    Please check out this blog article from young Teenage activist and Sea Shepherd Elora West on the International Day of Protest to save the Dolphins of Taiji, Japan.

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