Yesterday we left the house early and began our drive towards the Great Ocean Road. The route was amazing! I was just taken away by how breathtaking the cost of Victoria is, what I saw yesterday is why people come to Australia!

We all had a blast driving to see the Whales in Warranambool! We stopped at a small town and did some walking around on the beach…

We also got lunch here! I had a small pizza… that eventually ended up making me very sick! Don’t eat rich foods and then sit in a car for an hour on twisty roads!!! Just my advice.

We reached this one look out point that, to me, looked like the set of Lord of The Rings. It was pretty incredible. The giant rocks in the middle of the beach are because of the way the cliff side has eroded over time. I also really liked looking at all the layers in the rock, and thinking about how long it took that cliff to form.

We kept driving (we’ve been on the road for hours now). Kate, Jessica, and I are all looking out the window at the water while Josh is driving, and all of us kinda took in a collective breath as we saw the exact same thing at the same time! None of us were going to say anything at first because we wanted to make sure we were really seeing… a WHALE!!!! All three of us realized what it was at the exact same time and may or may not have screamed collectively!
He or she was really quick, by the time we pulled the car over it was out at sea. Too far for my camera to get a good shot. But I saw him/her! I’ve never seen a dolphin or whale swimming freely before. We all know I’ve seen tons of cetaceans (and most up close) but nothing like what I saw yesterday. It may have been a very quick glance, but I was so happy to see one just swimming freely in the ocean where they belong.

We didn’t end up seeing anything in Warranambool like we did on the Great Ocean Road, but there were some tails diving into the water on the horizon. At one point we swore we were watching a dolphin surfing, but I got a shot of what we thought was the dorsal fin and it was the flipper of a seal. Still very cool!

Here are some more photos of our adventure!
I have uploaded tons more photos on my facebook! You can get to on the side bar!

Today I am packing again and tomorrow I am heading to Sydney. I probably won’t be posting an update until tomorrow night or Wednesday morning (Australia time).
So until then,
Elora Malama

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