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A day in town!

Last night, after I posted my blog, Jessica and I watched the Hunger Games until about 1am. I love the books so much I’ve read them three times each. She wanted to rent the movie, but I actually had it with me (of course!). So the house stayed up to watch it, and slept in today!

Jessica and I headed into the city about lunch time. Before I talk about our lunch/day I wanted to share a picture of this sign:

I think it’s hilarious! How in a hurry do you have to be to buy your flowers and other plants at a drive through window???

We had lunch at an Italian restaurant on this street that literally had about 100 of them! On each side of the street, door after door, there are Italian restaurants. It’s fun, because all the businesses are competing with each other and serving pretty much the same food, so each one has people standing out front and practically attacking you to come eat at THEIR place. They offer you free stuff and everything! The restaurant we ate at gave us free wine, which ended up being a bad idea, because even though I only had one glass of it I felt sick later in the afternoon!

We went to get Gelato! It was soo goood!

Next we headed over to the market! It kinda reminded me of Pike’s Place Market in Seattle because there are rows and rows of vendors and food!

This is inside…
This is funny, they all start yelling about crazy deals and free stuff because they need to sell everything by Monday. The market isn’t open on Monday’s and all the food needs to be sold. I don’t know what they do with the food that isn’t sold, I hope they donate it to food shelters etc.
There are lots of colors! I’d share more photos, but it’s taking them a long time to upload and I have more things I want to show you!

Next we went over to the pet store next door because Jess wanted to show me the snakes! We ended up talking with one of the employees about Sea Shepherd for a little while.
Next we took the Tram into the city, where we were walking by a smoothie shop just a girl came running out and screaming “FREE smoothies for the next ten minutes!!!”
So we got free smoothies too! By this point, I had eaten so much food… and I was starting to get sick from the wine, I have no idea how I stomached a smoothie too!

I posted a picture of a building and a tree that I thought was really lovely, yesterday. Well Jessica told me that it is a church that is very beautiful inside! It was amazing how much work went into building this place! The carvings on the walls, and the entire floor being made of tiled patterns, and the glass windows were all incredible!

We kept walking through the city. I like how much street art there is in Melbourne, one guy was painting on the side of the street and another was creating images with a mop and water.
Here are some more cool photos of Melbourne!
The The bridge is really beautiful at night! There are so many lights coming from the city across from it, I’ll have to get some shots done there before the week is over.

If I hadn’t been so full, I would have gotten some of the soup they were serving in the cauldrons! Super cool!

One thing that Melbourne has a lot of is graffiti art! That’s what the last photo is a glimpse off.

We took the next Tram to the beach to see the penguins!!! It was the first time I’d seen the beach since I arrived in Australia, and the penguins were absolutely tiny and adorable!

Tomorrow we have a very fun day planned! I am super excited to share the photos with you all. I think we might see some whales! I’m really enjoying my week off, but I am also really looking forward to meeting the ship next week 🙂
So until tomorrow,
Elora Malama