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Wind, rain, and cold!!!

Today I got up early and went back to Chapel street to fix my internet! The guys at the store were super helpful, and helped me upgrade my account and fix the “sign in” problems that I was having.

I spent the morning walking around Chapel street, and then decided to go back to Jessica’s because it was so cold and windy my face burned!

I spent the afternoon at the house, updating my facebook and checking emails. For those of you who don’t know, I am deleting my facebook profile. So if you want to continue following me on facebook, please add my like page to your account 🙂

Now that I have better internet! Here are some photos from this week:

This is what a Tram looks like. If you’re wondering why there is a picture of a Rhino on it, haha, they have these signs attached that say “Be careful! In anyone’s language a Tram weighs as much as 30 Rhinos”!

I couldn’t take too many pictures of the city my first day, because I was paying attention to what stops where coming up, but I thought this building was really cool looking!

Another cool building! And really pretty tree!

This is a peak at Chapel street. Lots of shopping and restaurants. I went to get frozen yogurt this morning after the phone company, but it was closed. There is another little part of town around the corner that has all kinds of cute shops and vegan/vegetarian restaurants (where I got dinner with everyone two nights ago), I want to go back there this week and eat some more good food and take some nice photos to share!

For dinner we went back to Brunswick street, over by the Kindness house where the Sea Shepherd office is, and had dinner with the Melbourne volunteers! The restaurant was a vegan/vegetarian Asian cuisine. It was sooo good! I had vegan Pho with a side of Kimchi; and for desert Jessica and I split vegan fudge and raw pecan pie!

After dinner we walked to the pub at the corner, it was my first time being able to drink at a bar! It was really nice meeting some of the Melbourne volunteers, I know I”ll see them all again soon!

Tomorrow Jessica and I are going site seeing in Melbourne, and it sounds like a lot of us are going whale watching on Sunday!

Until tomorrow,

Elora Malama