Getting things sorted!

This morning I slept in! We were up very late last night, considering I am still on Seattle time, and so I just slept until my body woke me up. I got up to find that Jessica had also slept in and was just leaving for work. So I got myself dressed and ready to go and ventured into the city again. I wanted to visit Chapel street because Jessica and Josh had mentioned lots of restaurants, shops, and phone company stores (which I really needed to find).

I wish I could upload photos right now (I’ll get to that later), but Chapel street is this extremely long strip of shops and restaurants. I mean extremely long! It took me twenty minutes walking down it to finally find a phone store, and the street kept going after that.

I got a SIM card for my cell phone, which was exciting because now I have an Aussie phone number. I also bought an internet dongle, but I tried to register it and the web is acting like the site, to do so, no longer exists. UGH! I will go back tomorrow and have the people there help me register and put money on it. The good news is that this one works with my computer, so that’s one step in the right direction 🙂 and Jessica and Josh are being kind enough to let me use theirs until I figure this whole thing out.

I ate lunch at this healthy burger place. I had a veggie burger and “chips”, which for those of you in the states meant french fries. I actually thought I was getting chips, not fries. Haha! But they were yummy! The veggie burger was alright, but I don’t think I would go spend money there again. It was rather expensive and it was only alright.

I tried to catch the next tram towards the beach, but I got turned around and ended up going in the wrong direction. Which was fine in the end, it dropped me back at Jessica and Josh’s house and I went in to register my phone and internet. I was going to go back out, but I looked out the window and it was not only hailing… but there was thunder and lightening! So I made the decision to stay in for the rest of the afternoon.

If the rain stops, which it seems to have for now, Jessica said she would take me to the beach and show me the penguins! If not I’ll have a relaxed evening with Jessica and Josh and try to find the beach tomorrow.

I’ll hopefully have my own internet fixed by tomorrow and will share some photos then too! Right now the internet dongle I am using is too slow for me to upload media to my blog.

I am still getting everything sorted out, it is only my third day in Melbourne. I’ll have more to say once I get settled in a bit more. I’m going to be here for a long time.

My foot is healing great! You wouldn’t even guess there was a hole in it three days ago, and the antibiotics (which they made me take 4 times a day) killed whatever infection because it isn’t even tender anymore! YES!

Until tomorrow,
Elora Malama

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