Melbourne Day 2!

Today was my second day in Melbourne, and the first day I ventured into the city! The first challenge was to figure out the Tram system. Jessica, the girl whose home I am staying at, was so sweet and created a list of directions to fun things to do around town. The Tram system is similar to the bus system (in the states) except it is an above ground bus that runs on train tracks.

My internet is too slow to add media currently, I’ll fix this and share photos as soon as I can! 🙂

I found it to be pretty cool, easier than the bus system honestly. The different routes always run on the same roads and only those roads. Also, a Tram comes almost every ten minutes, so if you get lost you don’t need to worry about figuring out which route takes you to your destination; all you do is get off and cross the street and take the next train in the opposite direction. Everyone is very friendly here, and helped me whenever I got a little turned around.

I made it to the Sea Shepherd Aussie office and spent the early afternoon hanging out there and doing some small tasks for them. Amanda took me to this yummy vegan and vegetarian bagel place for lunch and I went to Coles to get an internet dongle… this is where the day started to go slightly down hill.

I registered the dongle and even put money on it before calling the company because it still would not work! Thank god it was under $50 dollars and they are giving me my data payment back, because I learned this dongle wasn’t going to work on my operating system. I mixed up the Mac version numbers in my head and bought one that was similar to mine, but not exactly right. ALWAYS WRITE THIS STUFF DOWN!

I went back to see what other types they had, knowing I could not return the one I bought because I had written something on the instruction manual and already registered the SIM card… they didn’t have the one I needed and I went back to Jessica’s house.

On the way back, I was looking for my map and realized that my debit card should have been in the same wallet pocket. After digging through my bag on the Tram I realized I had lost it… I think I left it on the counter at the store when I thought I was about to buy something and changed my mind.

Once I got back to Jessica’s house I was an absolute worried mess! I skyped my mom and told her that if I couldn’t find it, I would need her to call the card company and cancel. But I called Amanda before she did that and asked her to go see if they picked it up, they had but they wouldn’t give it to her. So I called them and asked what time they closed because I was going to go back and get it… the guy on the phone then told me that they didn’t know what I was talking about, he searched every place he could think of and didn’t find a card!!!

I was so confused, so I moved all my money over to a different account and we planned to stop by Coles on our way home from dinner.

We met up with some of Jessica’s friends and fellow sea shepherd volunteers/supporters. They were all so nice and I’m really glad I met them! I want to thank Justin for buying me dinner, even though I had some cash, just because he knew I might be out a lot of money for a while.

We took food to go from a Spud place. Really good food! Mine had salsa in it, which was nice because I’ve been craving Mexican food hahaha!

After dinner we went to the Aussie chapter’s Wednesday Whale Wars watching party, at a place called the Titanic. It’s this building that has been transformed to look like the Titanic. It had the different class cabin dining rooms and you can pay to eat there and do a live reenactment of the sinking (with water and everything). Because I am so jetlagged and I was worried about my money situation, I forgot my camera!!!! But I know I’ll be back there another Wednesday night within the next month and I can share some photos then.

Whale Wars was action packed as always! I met more volunteers and crew and just had a really nice evening talking, sharing stories, and laughing with everyone.

We drove back to the Coles and found my card!!! I don’t know why there was confusion with the other guy on the phone, but he did look for it and that was really nice! I couldn’t be more happy now that I’ve found it. The only thing I screwed up today and couldn’t fix was buying the wrong internet dongle, but overall it was a great first official day in Melbourne.

Until Tomorrow!

-Elora Malama

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  1. That is crazy… a Titanic re-enactment?? How odd. ‘cuz it was so fun originally?? I am not sure how that is entertaining but it is definitely different. Do you get all wet with water feature? I cannot imagine how this works… really would love to see video or pictures of it. I wonder if they use icy water and make it really authentic??
    Have a good sleep and a less stressful day tomorrow.

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