I realize it has been over a month since I have posted! I had just written a blog post about graduating and this year’s future plans… and after I posted it I went to Face-Book and was reading some of the emails on my page. I had a message from Amy and Jackson with a video they made about Shark Fining. I’m glad I came across it right after I wrote that last blog, because it reminded me what really pushed me into the world of animal activism. I had come home from school one day, and my dad said we were all going to watch this movie called, “Shark Water” (a film by Rob Stewart). For all of you who have not watched it, PLEASE DO. This movie completely changed my life! I started scuba diving because I wanted to dive with sharks. I couldn’t wait till I was old enough to go out and defend them!
Little did I know I would be at The Cove soon after, because that movie also had a huge affect on me.

I posted a blog about shark fining last December, because Mattel came out with this horrible toy promoting the idea to kids. Mattel wants kids to kill sharks

If you aren’t familiar with Amy and Jackson, they are a newly married couple who saw the movie Sharkwater and decided to omit Shark Fin Soup at their wedding. You can find their website by clicking here…

I just wanted to talk a little bit about shark fining, because the issue is important to me and I know something has to be done about it soon. I think sharks are beautiful and amazing animals, and I hope you educate your friends and families about the issues of shark fin soup and shark products.

More people die from lightening, texting while driving, volcanoes, shopping on black Friday, icicles, falling coconuts, and vending machines… every year than they do from Shark attacks.

The world needs Sharks! Don’t let them be whipped out, over a bowl of soup!
You might also be interested in joining Sea Shepherd’s Shark Angels! Become a Shark Angel and pledge to protect sharks.

I also want to thank everyone for the AMAZING comments and support I received on my Face-book page after graduation! I’m excited I can share this next chapter of my life with you all. I leave for Australia at the end of summer and I can’t wait to blog some more!!!!


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  1. Elora, my daughter is 16 and contacted your dad about her concerns. She is looking forward to you dads invitation to join you all next year for the Dolphin cruise. She wants to be a Zoologist or something like that. She is a great writed and artist. Thank you and your dad for having an impact on her life. She has been passionate about her animals but now she feels she has a cuase too. Congratulations on graduation, do you know what you will do?

    1. Hi Deborah,
      Thank you for the compliment and I’m glad that your daughter is interested in protecting cetaceans! I am a little confused, what do you mean Dolphin cruise and invitation? If you are referring to the Cove Guardian campaign, she will have to fill out an application with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and travel with an adult if accepted on campaign. I am really happy she has chosen this cause, have her do some research on the Cove Guardian campaign and see if it is something she might want to volunteer for.

      Thanks! I want to study in photo journalism and environmental studies. Right now I am heading to Australia to volunteer with SSCS some more and prepare the ship for campaign.

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