I’m leaving… Taiji 2012: Day 6 & 7

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We’ve been wrapping up this year’s Cove Guardian Campaign. It has now officially come to a close. I think that it is incredible we’ve been able to keep this campaign going for the last two years, and more years to come. I will personally not stop fighting for dolphins until the killing ends, or until the last dolphin takes its final breath. Thank you to all of you who make this possible, who support us, and who call/write the Japanese embassies everyday.

As you all know, if you have been keeping up with the Sea Shepherd website, we are making preparations for next year. But while we do that, we have also been taking this time to say goodbye to the various shop owners who we have all made friends with over the last two years. Yesterday (day 6) we spent some time up at the Handmade Cafe, where I had by 17th birthday dinner. I love it there SO MUCH!

Today we were packing and helping everyone who has been here many months get everything boxed up for next season. We did make one really cool stop on our way back from saying goodbye to the cove… My dad and I found this place when we first arrived here 2 years ago, and we’ve wanted to go into it ever since. But we never had time, or always forgot. Well today we stopped by and I’m really glad we did.

The building… well I should say the shack, it’s too clumsy to be a building… is this bright orange building with what looks to be a junk yard in front of it. I thought, at first, it was a dump… but we realized after a while people were going in and coming out with stuff. It looks like it is a Japanese flee market (of sorts).

When you walk inside, there are rows and rows of used stuff and trinkets stacked up on-top of each other.

Outside the market were piles of bikes, used tires, pipes, and the bottoms of plant holders that were filled with water from the rain (which danced and glistened in the wind).

We bought some Japanese fans, a candle holder that looks like a Halloween Pirate, and some other fun things to bring home.

We all leave tomorrow, so we had one final goodbye dinner at our favorite local restaurant. I am really happy I had the chance to meet everyone here! I’m going to miss this lot!

Tomorrow we fly home at 5:30pm Japan time! I will be blogging about our trip home/reflections on this trip on Sunday.

So… until tomorrow (unless you are in the West, then until Sunday!)

Elora Malama

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