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I’m back! Taiji 2012: Day 5

They murder dolphins all year round. That is the conclusion we have come to. It seems like there are two different types of permits, one for drive hunting and another worded differently to continue the murders during the drive’s off-season.

Several boats came in with harpooned dolphins and this is something that happens casually all day, most likely everyday.

Watching the murdered dolphins being thrown around like they were nothing more than meat, was hard… but there was a moment of comic relief. When Private Space went to load the dolphins into the butcher house, their half closed-door was too low for their forklift…. this is what happens when they try to be sneaky:

Driving out in their boats and riding around until dolphins come by is not impressive. Dolphins love to see boats in the water because they come and play in the current the boats make. It makes it so easy to harpoon them if they come up… it is no different from enticing children with candy. There is nothing skillful about the way they kill dolphins…

There is another funny story that comes out of this sadness… this dolphin in the picture above was just being dragged in behind a fishing boat that had NO IDEA Sea Shepherd was here filming their activity. A dolphin drive boat came and tried to cover up the dolphin tail, but they failed to do so. Once the group made it to the butcher house steps, the driver of the unknown fishing vessel was being screamed at by five different people while they all tried to cover up the dolphin with a tarp. It was a little late for that.

Later this afternoon: Scott met with an attorney who drafted a document to give to the police. Regarding the criminal actions of the nationalists. We provided video evidence to the police. He spent about an hour in the police station making the report, the five of us who came with him were not allowed into the building. So we stayed in the car until he was finished talking with the police. They have now been put on notice, next time they will have to give the nationalists more than a warning.

Until tomorrow…

Swim Far, Swim Fast, Swim Deep,

Elora Malama

4 thoughts on “I’m back! Taiji 2012: Day 5”

  1. Elora. I really wish you the best of luck. Your work is very important in Taiji, like that of all the guardians.
    If you have sad days, remember that in the world there are people who want the best for you, because you are the guardians of these creatures.
    Calm Waters to you and a infinite patience.

    Pablo Freccero “The Arrow”
    from Uruguay.

  2. Thanks so much for being over there to document this tragedy. It is so sad to hear that they continue to do this year round. Keep up the great work!

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