Today’s posting will be short and simple, there wasn’t TOO much going on today and I am not yet able to describe what is going on inside my head. The killers did unload some harpooned dolphins… we think this kind of activity happens all year round. It’s sickening.

WE started our day at one of the look-out points in the hills. All the boats went out today, and we were trying to get a look at what they were doing. You get there by walking through a bit of greenery and then climbing down the rocks.

We ended up sitting there for about an hour, just taking in the scene. The way the rocks are formed makes it easy to climb down just close enough to get your feet wet. You feel so secluded and calm there, at least I did. I would say it was beautiful, but every time I thought that… I would see red water.

When we saw some fishing vessels heading into Taiji harbor we drove over to take a look… sure enough these vessels where dropping of dead dolphins they harpooned out at sea. I think it is interesting that all the dolphin catches seem to be taken to Taiji, because the boats dropping them off were not the hunters, but random fishing vessels we did not know. The dolphin killers were desperately trying to hide their activity with the blue tarps… they hid it, but WE all know what was under there. One of the guardians did get pictures of the three dolphins and it will be on the SSCS website this week.

There were three in the first drop off we saw today, and I believe there was another one that I missed.

Later this afternoon we went to the Cove, it was the first time I have been back to the beach since 2010. I can’t explain it… it was as if I had never left.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I guess we will see what that brings.

Swim Far, Swim Fast, Swim Deep,

Elora Malama

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  1. God – the cove looks so different…… I can well imagine what goes on in your head. I am right there with you. I think we all are. xxx

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