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5th Graders adopting a Whale!

Hi all,

Today my mom and I spoke at a Seattle school, talking to a class of 5th graders about Sea Shepherd and Dolphin Captivity. It was so fun! These kids were very smart and loved Whales! The class had even made a life-size blow up Whale the day before our talk!

We arrived at the private school, and let me just say, it was absolutely adorable! The school is made up of several houses all clumped together, creating one giant middle ground (or yard), this was the playground. The whole place was very cheerful and welcoming. They even had chicken coops! It seems like an awesome place to go to school.

The fifth grade classroom was on the bottom floor of one of the houses. They had all kinds of books, charts etc. about Whales scattered throughout the classroom. They even had a giant pile of black and white plastic that blew up into a life-size Whale. It just so happens that (yesterday), the day before our coming to meet with them, the class had made this life-size Whale together. Their story even landed on the local news! They are raising money in their community to adopt a Whale they named puddles.
If you want to watch the newscast about it, click here. Totally cool!

My mom talked about Sea Shepherd for a little while and then I talked about Dolphin Captivity and why it is important to not give your money to Dolphinariums.

The kids were so fun to talk to! They were really into the conversation and kept bringing up questions and points that reminded me of everything I had planned to cover. It made it so much more fun hearing their thoughts and then elaborating on them, because I knew they totally grasped why Dolphin Captivity is wrong!

One of the boys even said that while he was on vacation with his family, at a resort, that the dolphins they were holding there seemed really sad and that the water was very shallow. I thought it was amazing that these kids could see how unhappy dolphins and whales are in captivity, because they are our future!

It was a great morning and I’m so happy I had the oppertunity to meet such an amazing group of kids! Keep on caring for the oceans guys πŸ™‚

Swim Far, Swim Fast, Swim Deep,

Elora Malama

3 thoughts on “5th Graders adopting a Whale!”

  1. My son and I do the same thing in Los Angeles. If you are ever in town please come by and do a presentation. He is the Jr Ambassador for Shark Savers.Org. Together we are on shore volunteers for Sea Shepherd as well.Please feel free to always post our our page on Facebook. You are a true inspiration.

    Lisa and Sam Harris

  2. HI Lisa and Sam,
    That is very cool! I will check your Facebook page out πŸ™‚

    Wonderful! We need more kids standing up for Sharks, they are super important!
    Thank you so much, haha that’s very sweet!

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