We are coming up on the holiday season… and it’s time to start thinking about letters to Santa and gifts for friends! So, why not get your kid a toy Shark finning ship? Every kid loves to play “lets fin the shark!”. Shooting the plastic harpoon at the giant plastic shark and pretending blood is spitting out everywhere… then dragging it up unto the plastic ship and cutting off its plastic fins. Dumping the body back into the imaginary ocean to die a slow and painful death. Priceless.


It has been brought to my attention that the Mattel Toy company is selling a toy that promotes the killing of sharks… for kids? So let me get this straight… we are now trying to teach our world’s kids that it OK to kill one of the most amazing animals on earth (not to mention the most important to the ecosystem?). I am beyond confused. What parent in their right mind would buy a toy like this for their kids?

As someone who is trying to educate kids about protecting marine life, I am horrified! What has our world come to that someone thought it was okay to, well kill sharks, but to create a toy that promotes this sick and ignorant thinking for kids?

I feel like I’m ending all these paragraphs with a question mark… I’m having a really hard time wrapping my head around this. What ignorant, dumb ass, is being paid to promote this? I want to meet the guy, or gal, who came up with idea… then I want to have a little chat with the board of directors who approved it. I have a few choice words for them.

Hey Mattel! If you’re interested in getting kids motivated to kill the planet… I have a few more ideas for you.

1. How about a The Cove bath set?? You know, for bath time??  I can see the tag line now “Mattel’s The Cove Play Set, turns your bedtime routine into a blood bath”.

2. You seem to like killing innocent animals on ships… so how about Long Lining? “Long lining ship, where you can hang dogs and cats off a line and fish for deep sea animals.”  See how many animals you can string on the line! 

Check out these links! Tell Mattel what you think… I have and will continue too!

Article about a upset mother

Shop Mattel (I posted a review, but it doesn’t upload for 48 hours if they will even let me post it)

Amazon is selling it too!

Swim Far, Fast, Deep… Free

Elora Malama West

13 Replies to “Mattel wants kids to kill Sharks!”

  1. Very well said Elora!!! Dont worry, with all of us, we will get this toy out of production….I made my call today!!!!

  2. 2 years ago mattel had Barbie sea world trainer on the marker…I’ve banned mattel from my kids christmas list. The Shark ship just adds to my disgust a harpoon ship for kids…come on!!! SICK

  3. Emailed them, told my friends and parents not to give them any buisness and told them that we would do that until that barbaric toy was removed from all stores. Wrote a review everywhere that it is sold (online). Rated zero stars each time. Don’t worry, these guys are going down! HOrrible, horrible message they are trying to send out though.
    Actually, it could be a cool toy, if they replaced the harpoon with a submarine or a wildlife camera or something!
    See you at school

  4. My god. Who do they have designing their toys now? Would these people actually buy this appalling “toy” for their own children? It should be taken off the shelves IMMEDIATELY. I will never buy another Mattel toy whilst this is still filling the shelves in toy shops. DISGUSTING!!!

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