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Hello Bloggers!

I was thinking about how I haven’t blogged in almost a month, and I was coming up with topics to write about; then I realized I completely forgot to post who won my final letter writing contest back in September! I know, I was really lame!

But better late than never… right?

CONGRATULATIONS Margret H, from Nashville USA. You won the 4 “Save Taiji Dolphins” bracelets, made by my friend, and fellow cove guardian, Steven Severson.

I will have the bracelets in the mail for you this week! I apologize for the late notice everyone!

On a more important note: as I write this (10/24) dolphins are being herded into the killing cove in Taiji. Please call your local Japanese embassy and let them know this has no place in the 21st century. Also any donation you can make to SSCS, to ensure this campaign can still go on I’m sure would be much appreciated.

I’ll be back blogging later this week, I have lots to tell you all and I cannot wait!

Swim Far, Fast, Deep… Free

Elora Malama West

5 thoughts on “Hello Bloggers!”

  1. Hi Elora, I was just wondering if you had already mailed the bracelets to the winner of the writing contest. My name is Margaret Hughes from Nashville, Illinois, and I thought I had won the contest, but I never received the bracelets so I figured someone else had won and I’m just making sure. Also, do you know if the bracelets are still available for sale? I had purchased one, but it broke and I would love to buy another. Thanks!

    1. Hi Margaret!

      I know, I am so sorry! I had it all out to send and then some school stuff came up and I completely spaced. They are in the mail as I write! Again I’m super sorry, they are on their way! 🙂

      1. No it’s ok, don’t worry about it! I’m just super excited that I won! I sent in the letters just to support the cause. Thank you so much! 😀

      2. Oh good I’m glad! I feel so horrible! I try and stay on top of this stuff and school… I bite off more than I can chew sometimes! Thanks for understanding and for being so supportive! Let me know when they arrive! 🙂


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