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Japan Dolphin Day 2011

Hi Everyone! 

I realize I have been MIA for last four of five days, which I do apologize for because I know I have yet to update everyone on delivering the letters. I’ve been reading the Hunger Games series this weekend, and when I read a book series that grabs my attention I tend to not come out of the little world I built in my head until I’ve finished all the books!

I know I made a video Friday and posted that wherever I could, but I have more to talk about than just the protest that happened last Thursday (September 1).

So first off the September 1st Protest!

Seattle’s demonstration went really well! We had a large turnout and everyone was excited to help out and educate people on the streets. There was no problem delivering the letters! I carried them up in a fish bowl (I thought it spoke to the captivity part of the slaughter), 10-year-old Trevor of LLL (Let Lolita Live) carried the paper cranes we gave to them as a symbol of health and wellness to the victims of the tsunami. There was a crane for everyday since the tsunami had happened. And Trevor’s 4-year-old sister Morgan (Momo) carried up the petition wrapped in a nice red bow!

We were escorted upstairs by the head of security himself. Everyone was very polite and nice. We were met by two representatives of the Seattle Japanese Consulate, a man and a woman. They accepted the petition and the letters, but not the cranes. There must have been a little confusion because they were under the impression they had to mail all this stuff to the Japanese Consulate in Tokyo. The man said he would send the petition but not the letters because they could not afford it. They handed us back the cranes and asked us to send them ourselves, which was fine. I didn’t try to clear anything up for a few reasons. One I was instructed not to engage them in conversation because they did not want to answer questions, and two because I wasn’t  going to fight having the petition sent to their headquarters. I hope someone at least thumbs through all your letters at the Seattle office. I know I would want to know what people said.

The rest of the protest was a success, we handed out lots of information! Below is the video I made with some of the highlights.

I also want to talk about September 1st in Taiji. If you have been following all the buzz on Facebook then you know that Typhoon Talas was headed for the coast of Wakayama and everyone was preparing for the storm. This means no Dolphin hunting has happened yet! Which is very exciting!

Unfortunately that excitement has come with a cost. Mudslides all over Shingu, Kii-Katsuura, and Taiji have killed, I believe, 38 people. This is very sad for all the families affected. But there is one girl I want to talk about in particular, her name was Saki Terramoto.  She was the mayor’s daughter (of Kii-Katsuura). Saki was a really sweet girl who worked in the tourist office. She helped my dad and I find our hotel the first day in Wakayama and she was always smiling and ready to help us Cove Guardians whenever we walked into the tourist office. Saki and another girl working at the office even gave me socks for my Birthday! She was a very sweet girl who was much to young to go. I wanted to dedicate a piece of my blog today, to her family. Saki and her mother died in the typhoon. R.I.P.

I don’t know how to end this blog today… other than to say that my heart goes out to Saki’s family.  I am relieved there is no Dolphin hunting happening at the moment but saddened by the destruction and loss of life in an area I spent so much time last year. We met so many lovely and helpful people and they had their world turned upside down overnight.

Swim Far, Swim Fast, Swim Deep,

Swim Free
Elora Malama West

3 thoughts on “Japan Dolphin Day 2011”

  1. Elora,
    SO great to see your post. We sure do miss last years up-to-the-minute updates with videos from what is happening on the ground in Taiji @ the cove!!!
    Colleen in San Diego

  2. Hey I love your efforts and blog! Though younger than me, you’ve definitely inspired me and if you could tell me how to get more involved (directly), PLEASE tell me! Or if your dad knows anything..I’m graduating soon from UCLA, and would love to find a job in the field! If you want to know more about me or my interests, go to my blog & there’s an ‘about me’ section! If you would like to respond more personally; . Thanks!

  3. Wow! I recently came across your blog and I am so impressed by your dedication and maturity. Your writing is inspiring and educating so many people. Watching The Cove movie is difficult enough but you actually witnessed the horrible events in person! I can imagine how life changing that must have been. Thanks for putting so much effort into documenting your experiences.

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