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Last week to send letters! Last contest!!!

Hey all! 

So we all know that September 1st is coming up, this Thursday! Only 4 days from now! So I have decided that all the letters, postcards, and drawing that come in this week will be thrown into a bag and the one I draw will win a prize (along with the letters that already came in this week). I’m giving out 4 Save Taiji Dolphin wrist bands my friend (and cove guardian) Steven S. made. If you don’t win and would still like to purchase one for only $10, click here! 

Oh, also if you are looking for poster ideas for the September first protest… a team of us made some today! So check it out!
Alright that’s all for tonight.

Swim Far, Fast, Deep, and Free
Elora Malama West

See all the photos here…. Click here!