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This week’s challenge…

This week’s challenge is going to be altered a little bit. The challenge was “All the postcards/letters I receive this week, I will throw into a bag and the one I pull out will win a shell from Taiji’s cove and a secret prize! So make sure if you’d like the chance to win you put your return address on them!”

So! It is only Wednesday and if you all sent in cards on Monday, depending upon where you are in the world, it might take longer for them to arrive. So far I only have a couple of letters this week. So I have decided to extend this challenge to next week. This means that you all have two weeks to send me all the postcards/letters that you can possibly write! The more letters and postcards you guys send me… the more chances you have of winning next weeks drawing! Plus we are getting much closer to our deadline… and I know you all want to make a statement!

Prizes include: 1. A Shell from Taiji’s Cove 2. A Taiji Dolphin wrist band (below) 3. A secret prize!

But I’m only drawing one winner…… so make sure you send me a ton! So your odds of winning are huge 🙂

So pick up some postcards on your way to work, and fill them out on your lunch break!

Get all your friends together and send me an envelope full of letters/drawings!

Tweet it, Facebook it , Youtube it…. haha spread it on whatever social network you’re on!

I’ll also be handing out some Save the Taiji Dolphin wrist bands that my friend Steven designed. 

Anyone else who’d like to order a wristband of their own, they’re only $10 shipped anywhere in the world. Payments can be made using Paypal 

I might even sign a few 🙂

Alright guys! I love you all and thank you for being so supportive!

Far, Fast, Deep,

Elora Malama W.

Send Postcards to: P.O box 853 Edmonds WA, USA 98026-853 

4 thoughts on “This week’s challenge…”

  1. Trolls are trolling E. Make them stop, block them or something please, I find them disgusting and repulsive. It is your blog and you obviously have every right to run it how you choose. I personally feel us activists are a family in a way and when we come to these sites, I know I am among like minded people and that is comforting in a way. It just hurts to come here and see negativity, someone ALWAYS has something to say that no one here wants to hear. I may be wrong, but that’s how I feel.
    So anyway, the reason I even wanted to leave a comment, I am going today with my son to get postcards and put them in the mail. Remember, mine come from GA so it takes a little longer. Thanks Elora, great idea!

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