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Week Two Winners! Week Three Challenge!

Hey all! Keep sending post cards, it only takes 5 minutes! Do it for the dolphins in Taiji, and all over the world! 

So! It’s week three and earlier I was trying to figure out who won this week! I sat down with all the letters and post cards that came in this week, and the pile was actually pretty large. I started thinking that there was no way all these postcards came in the last five days, so I had to go back and watch my recent video blogs and write down what came in on what day. To my surprise, I hadn’t mixed up the letters, but I actually received 26 letters/post cards in the last five days!!!! This is so exciting, you guys are writing and getting the word out there, and people are actually sending me their thoughts! I know this isn’t a TON of letters, but it still means a lot to me, and it showed me there is a chance of filling a mail sack! Considering I still have four weeks I think we can do this.

Remember guys, you can send a card every week!!! Haha, and make sure to annoy your friends until they send one.

Remember why we are doing this! The dolphin slaughter in Taiji is the most horrific sight I have ever seen. Thousands upon thousands of dolphins have lost their lives in Taiji, Japan. Dolphins and Whales are some of the most intelligent species on this planet. They are self aware, they have families that they travel with life long, they nurse their young, and they have learned to understand us… but we cannot understand them. I could go on and on.

The slaughter of dolphins happens all over Japan, not only Taiji. Taiji is known because of the 2009 movie, The Cove. We feel if we can stop the slaughter in Taiji that the laws will change all over Japan. Then we can move on to help dolphins being slaughtered elsewhere in the world. You have to start somewhere… and like Ric O’Barry said, “If we can’t end it here, in this one little Cove, there is no hope”.

Please send a postcard to: PO Box 853 Edmonds, WA 98020-0853 USA , and urge Japan to stop killing dolphins! For more information about this campaign see this link here.

And now for this weeks contest!

1. Since I did not receive letter #100 this last week that challenge will carry on into this week. The person who sends me letter #100 will win an autographed SSCS flag (small) and a SSCS bumper sticker.
2. The first group of kids to send me a large envelope filled with letters, drawings, or post cards from themselves and their friends, school class, church group, summer camp, sports teams, etc. etc. will win a large SSCS flag!
3.  At the end of this week, I will take all the international post cards (cards out of the United States) and throw them into a bag, the won I draw will win a secret prize!!!
So who won this week!??? 
Well the answer is Eli Lotz and the Walz family! The challenge was to comment on my blog telling me you were sending a postcard and/or letter, if I had one from you by the end of the week you would win! I had 12 comments, and I chose numbers 7 and 9 (cause I like those numbers). Eli and the Walz family you guys have won (one) SSCS Eco Bracelet!I’m looking forward to this week’s postcards and letters!
Thank you to everyone who sent in postcards this week, keep them coming!!
Swim Far, Swim Fast, Swim Deep,
Elora Malama West

11 thoughts on “Week Two Winners! Week Three Challenge!”

  1. I eventually convinced my mom to send a post card, and am doing the same with my sister (haven’t started bugging my dad yet, although my friends sure are getting their fair share!).
    I am very excited as well that a card from Japan came in, and a card from a five year old! That really rocks, and those people rock if you’re reading this!
    I’ll probably send a postcard to as well soon!
    Can’t wait to ‘fill ‘er up!”

  2. Yay! We are so excited! Thank you for all you do Elora, we will be sending more!
    The Walz Family.
    P.S. – The kids really want to see their postcards on your blog! 🙂

    1. Dude, I seriously feel sorry for you! You have absolutely nothing better to do than create email after email just to comment on my blog, and attack me!? I don’t even know how many times I have blocked you!!!
      Why don’t you go out and… oh I don’t know… GET A JOB!? Stop wasting your life creating new profiles just so you can post sentences, that don’t make any sense, on my blog……. get off the computer and go outside.

  3. I am still collecting postcards here in the UK Elora and will be sending the first batch off soon! I am asking all my friends, family, and anyone I can think of to write postcards and send letters. I have even brought a batch of postcards myself, so all people have to do is write on them and I will post them in a large envelope. The response I have been getting is Amazing with people offering to donate and pay towards the postcards and postage!
    Please everyone do the same and keep sending Elora those letters and postcards! The work you are doing Elora in inspirational and Awesome!!!

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