Call to Action: Letter Writing Contest!

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I have a plan… it’s a big plan… but I need your help! I hope everyone reading this will participate. Keep reading because there are prizes involved! 

An international protest has been planned for Sept. 1st, which marks the beginning of Taiji, Japan’s annual slaughter of Dolphins. Last year I spent three months on the ground, with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, documenting and showing the world the shameful slaughter. Well, a year goes by quickly and we are now counting down to the beginning the 2011-2012’s slaughter. We have about six weeks until innocence is slaughtered without reason, once again. I love Dolphins and Whales with all my heart and I want to see them protected. There is absolutely no place for this slaughter here in the 21st century! 

Here is the link to protests happening around the world, see if there is one in your area, if not… Plan one yourself! Note: You need to be logged into FB to read it.

Now for my plan! I will be attending the protest here in Seattle, Washington on Sept. 1st. I plan to walk into the Japanese Consulate with a large mail sack (possibly multiple) filled with postcards from around the world and letters from school classes urging Japan to stop killing dolphins! But of course, I can’t do this myself… I’m hoping you all will want to be a part of my idea and buy a postcard from your hometown (wherever that is in the world) and write to them asking them end the slaughter and cut ties from swim with dolphin programs!

I think that this will be much more intimidating and powerful that a petition. I’d love to leave them with sacks of letters and postcards!

I also thought we could make this a fun competition! Every week, for the next six weeks, I will hold a competition here on my blog and give away prizes to the winners! So make sure you put your return address on your letters and postcards, so if you win I can send your prize to you. Sound fun!? I think so!

We need to start on this campaign RIGHT NOW! We only have six weeks to fill these bags up. So tell your friends, get your schools involved, and reach out to your family!

This weeks challenge: Will actually be two (just to kick things off)

1. The first person to send me a postcard or letter will win an autographed picture of The Cove and a stone from The Cove beach!

2. The person who sends letter #100 will win an autographed SSCS flag (small) and bumper sticker!

The P.O box to send all the letters to is: PO Box 853 Edmonds Washington 98020-0853 USA 

A new challenge will be posted next week, along with the name of this weeks winners! Get started sending those postcards, be a voice for the voiceless!

Swim Far, Swim Fast, Swim Deep,

Elora Malama West

P.S!  Here is the link to my new Whale Warrior page… I’m trying to raise money to go towards another Cove Guardian campaign. So if you’d like to help, please do! If everyone following donated $5 dollars it’d make quite a difference! So skip one fancy coffee this week on your way to work and help out a dolphin 🙂

19 Replies to “Call to Action: Letter Writing Contest!”

  1. I think your parents raised you well! Thank you for all you doing to help the planet !!!!!! Hope you keep on inspiring!!!!!!

    1. my postcard is written and will be in the mail tomorrow! I have posted it on FB and will repost!

  2. If only half the kids in the U.S. had half the ethics and morals that you have. Your parents did an awesome job, and you, I’m truly speechless. Never stop, and continue to set a great example for the younger generations to follow. Lord knows they need it!

  3. No need for prizes from my perspective… I will send postcards merely for the sake of saving these innocent and majestic creatures!

  4. You and all the Cove Guardians are so inspiring and thank you so much for all you do to raise awareness on this issue!! Sending love, support and post cards your way! 🙂 Good luck!!

  5. Hey Elora, great Idea, I bet we scare those evil “fisherman”! That is once agian another intimidating way to show how many people are agianst this!
    My letter would already be in the mail, but I’m out of town currently, so I’ll have to put it in the mail immediately. I have had three more leters ready to mail as soon as I’m home.
    And I’ll email this all around to my contact list. Lot’s of STW (SpreadTheWord)!

  6. I love the idea Elora, and am going to share like crazy! I just love the idea of you presenting them with bags and bags of letters asking them to stop killing the people of the sea that happen to swim off of the coast of Taiji. Thank-you for all you for dolphins. You are a constant inspiration to all of us.

  7. Wonderful idea Elora, my prize would be for the Japanese, evil fishermen and the killing of dolphins worldwide to stop !!! But think this will encourage more people to join in and get involved !!! I will definitely share this and encourage all my family and friends to join in …… Your are an inspiration and I admire all that you do…….. You are an Angel on earth……….

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