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Let Lolita Live, World Wide Protest!

Hey all! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about Lolita, because her 41st anniversary of being captured is coming up! 

My friend Trevor is trying to organize a world wide protest in her honor, Im hoping you all will participate. I have all the information about the protest below, but I will post the link too!

Last year, I attended Lolita’s 40th anniversary of being captured in Puget Sound. Ric O’Barry was there and spoke about Lolita and the damaging effects captivity has on Whales and Dolphins. It was a very eye opening event. Can you imagine living in a concrete tank for 40 years!??? Hearing Ric speak shortly after I had seen the Cove made me realize how much I wanted to help this cause! I want to see Lolita released, and reading your comments I know that you guys will too! So please, be the one to organize a protest in your area and let Trevor know! Reach out to other activists in your area and fight for Lolita.

 ‎”No aquarium, no tank in a marine land, however spacious it may be, can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea. And no dolphin who inhabits one of those aquariums or one of those marine lands can be considered normal.” -Jacques Yves Cousteau

Far, Fast, Deep,

Elora Malama West

Trevor’s Protest!! 

Saturday, August 13 · 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Seattle, Wa ( also Boston, and Canada)

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Hey Everyone this is Trevor. This is now an International Protest for
Lolita!!!! This will help Lolita get out of this awful place she is in right now. If you want to do one in a different place or state go ahead and make LLL signs if you want. We want this to be really big for her. Thanks, Trevor.I want Lita out of the pool and I want her with her mommy and daddy and in the beach and make her marshmellow sticks. ( From Momo) :)Please come and join Trev and Momo and Let Lolita Live!!!! On August 8th it will be 41 LONG years since she was captured and ripped from her family in Penn Cove, Wa. It is time for her to come home where she belongs.Trev has some great friends from the Cove Guardians who will be joining him that day to help Lolita, Scott West, Suzanne West, and Elora West, Liberty Miller, Mike XVX……. If you cant make it to Seattle, make your own event in your city! Trev wants this worldwide. We all know time is running out for her!! Thanks so much….AudraFor information on the BOSTON protest feel free to contact Kitty Ito…..! Thanks Kitty!!!And for more information on the WINNIPEG MANITOBA CANADA Protest feel free to contact Orca JayP

And if you want to throw one please let us know and we will add your info! Thanks, Trevor. :)) 4-Lita!!!!

17 thoughts on “Let Lolita Live, World Wide Protest!”

  1. Elora, do you think the orca would survive if released, after 41 yrs in captivity? It has been hand fed for soooo long. They should at least retire her to a large sea pen to live the rest of her life in peace, they made enough money off of her.

    1. Hi Angie,
      Well lolitas mother and pod are still in pudget sound, they’ve been tracked all these years. We think if we returned her to her to her family, shed have a better chance of survival.

  2. Oh, how sad. That’s right, I remember now. They believe her family is waiting for her, they know where she is, and they call to each other right?

  3. Great info, but how sad that the family still waits for a reunion.
    I will write sOme letters and put up some flyers!
    Any other details or links would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hey Eli!
      Yeah I will be posting another blog soon with all that info for here in Washington, and other locations that have already said they will participate! I just posted this to get people thinking about maybe organizing a protest.

  4. I was sooo happy to read today that SS is headed to the Faroe Islandd. I hope they can save some pilot whales!!!

  5. Hey,
    Dang, bad news. Were not gonna be able tO make It (vacation), although I’d really like to. I hope it turns out well though!

  6. Hey Elora, I know this has nothing to do with Lolita, and I posted on your fb wall as well, but I seem to get through to you better on here. I saw a doc today I think you and your dad would find interesting, even Paul Watson, although I know he is super busy, it would be worth his time to watch. It was on current tv, A Vanguard report. It is called Sushi to the Slaughter about pushing bluefin to extinction. The reporter was Japanese, he was reporting from Japan, where 80% of the bluefin caught worldwide is consumed. I believe in Paul Watson, I think he is very intelligent, well versed and knows what he is talking about. However, I know some things he says are his opinion
    This documentary proved what he said to be true. The reporter said, the Japanese are aware of the crisis, they would be devastated if there were no more tuna because it is so ingrained in their culture, however,the less fish the higher the price(one went for $400,000.00. Yet, they can’t pass up the short term financial gain.Paul’s words almost exact. I find it really sad that these people are aware these fish will soon be gone, they want to have the fish available to them forever, yet they still drive it to extinction for short term financial gain. That money WILL run out, and there will be no more bluefin. It is really sad how greed can and probably will eventually destroy this planet.

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