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The Plan!

Hi all!
So, my dad had a idea, and i think its pretty awesome! What if we never stop calling or writing the embassy about dolphin and whale killing? That is until the slaughters ends.
Maybe have a rotating schedule, calling twice a week? Say, everyone with last name starting with A-M call on Mondays, and N-Z on Fridays? Or maybe a every other day type of thing. The days are just a suggestion, but you guys get what I mean!

So! Comment below and tell me what you think?

Far, Fast, Deep
Elora Malama

15 thoughts on “The Plan!”

  1. I really really like that idea. I would not take particular days though; they would get used to it really fast and put us on these days on answering machines. I’m absolutely in and pledge to that call every week….plus the mails, of course!

  2. I just wish I could make phone calls. Because of my profound deafness, I am not able to do so. BUT! I am already committed to sending faxes and e-mails. All I need is the fax numbers, as well as e-mail addresses, of the appropriate individuals to contact.

    I really like your idea and do hope that more people will make the commitment to contact officials on behalf of all wild cetaceans. I will look forward to our getting the ball rolling once again! LAURICE

  3. I called this morning to the D.C. Embassy. They are clearly getting our message, and not liking it. the man who took my call was very upset, kept yelling and talking over me. He continued with the “its our culture” argument. I thinkit would be awsome to set upa schedule. Please keep usinformed.

    1. I’m sorry, but that is not wonderful. Please listen to what I have to say, and consider it. What change are you REALLY creating by harassing an embassy? By pissing someone off and getting into an argument, do you think that person will then finish that phone call feeling inspired to create change? The answer is simply, no. I strongly urge you to look at this from both sides. For one, somone at an embassy has NOTHING to do with the actual killing of dolphins and whales. The person sitting in that embassy is there because he/she got a job there. They may know nothing about the small group of people doing that, and is simply getting mad at a bunch of people harassing them.

      1. Joe, I can assure you I am not asking people to call and attack the embassy! What I have in mind (and what I do myself) is call when I know something is happening or I know they have a permit (such as the month of may killing pilot whales) and remind, educate, or simply tell then what is going on and why I think it is wrong. I explain to them why it needs to stop and what I hope for japan to become (start looking at ocean welfare not destruction). I would never scream at or attack, or fight with someone on the phone, I realize it’s just someone who got a job there… But these calls are noted and there is some proof of that. We annoy them, which is what we want because we want to show them that we are not going away or giving up. I always ask people to be respectful while on the phones! I’m sorry you feel that this is a negative “campaign” but we aren’t going to stop. It’s one of the only thins we can do from home, and t drives the government crazy. I think if done the right way, like i just described, its a very positive movement.

        Thank you for your comment 🙂
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      2. Joe, when I called I asked to leave a message for the ambassador. I was transferred to a very angry gentleman, who just did not want to hear what I had to say. He yelled over me, I was not yelling back. I was very respectful, and like I told him, I was not calling to harass anyone. I called, and will continue calling, because I believe what the Japanese people in respect to the whaling is wrong; in international waters or in the cove. That is how I feel. The whaling has changed my life, and I will continue to fight for it to stop until it does. I urge others to call, continue to talk to them, ask them to stop the whaling, and ask them to reconsider the damage they are doing to their selves and the people of Japan. Marisol

  4. I would think anyone who is passionate about this cause would have no problem making a phone calk once a week. I do agree that we should not calk on the same day, we never want to be predictable, giving them a chance to avoid our calls.

  5. Hi i just wanted to say great Job im hosting a cove party next week so here in Indiana we can begin out fight for the Taiji dolphins Be the change that u wish to see in the world !!!!

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