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Catching up!

Hey everyone!

Tonight I cross-posting a lot of work and information, not writing anything in relation to my current thoughts. Sorry! I want to get another one of my blogs up soon, though!!!

First off I want to spread the information about this upcoming talk my dad is doing! All the info is in the flyer below! I unfortunately have school that morning! But I hope that everyone in the area will come down and watch/listen!

Second, Steven Severson (cove guardian) has asked me to cross post a note of his,  here. Please do read it!!!!

And Finally I wanted to repost the note that Mike, Marley, and Carissa wrote about their journey home from Japan.  **Please note: this is a note that the Cove Guardians who had just joined the others in Japan as the disaster hit wrote about their fundraising efforts. There was a push in the hours after they were located and made contact to help them raise money to get home. They had airline tickets but on a carrier that was not serviced out of the northern area they were stuck in and returning to Osaka was impossible. Some people seemed confused that they did not have airline tickets, but they had tickets that were problematic in the unique situation they were in at the time. Fortunately, Delta later resolved the issue and you can read more about that below. Also, other expenses occurred such as cab rides nearly 5 hours to the airport and until we had them out of the country we had no idea how long they would need to hold up where they were or what other financial circumstances would occur… Thank you all for your generous help, donations, prayers, and support. The people of Otsuchi are now the ones we have turned our attention to and you can read a post below this one about the current situation there. Our hearts and thoughts and prayers are with the survivors of this devastated town, no one could prepare themselves for such a tragic life altering experience and we will continue to follow the work of the Ft Bragg Sister City as they support their friends in Otsuchi in their efforts to rebuild their community.

To everyone who has helped us return home,

We’ve received word from Delta Airlines that they’ll be compensating us for our emergency flights back to the US, and since then we’ve been debating what we should do with the remainder of the donations that were sent to our Paypal account. Our minds and our hearts are with the people in Japan who have lost their livelihoods and their loved ones, so we’ve decided that the majority of our donations would be given to the Otsuchi Relief fund ( to aid them in their relief efforts. This fund was set up by their sister city of Fort Bragg, CA, and considering that Otsuchi is by far the most devastated area of Japan we feel that our money will have the greatest impact there. The rest of the funds will be recycled back into future Sea Shepherd dolphin protection campaigns and also to reimburse a few groups and organizations that helped us with other expenses during our emergency evacuation.

The support from the animal rights and environmentalist community has been absolutely amazing, and we want everyone to know how truly thankful and grateful we are for all the donations and support we’ve received during our ordeal. It’s incredibly moving to see the amount of effort that was put into our return, and all the kind words and warm welcomes we received when returning home has helped ease some of the pain and anxiety we had experienced over the last week. We are truly lucky to be alive.

As of now more than half of the city of Otsuchi is dead or missing. If you have the means, please consider donating to their relief efforts and to Japan Animal Rescue.

We oppose all industries that profit off of animal abuse and exploitation. We support the efforts of the Japanese people to rebuild and return to economic stability, but we do not support the actions of the small group of individuals who profit off of murder and exploitation. We do not share the beliefs of the porpoise fisherman, but we will stand in solidarity with the effected people of Japan and do what we can to help them rebuild their communities and their lives.

With respect for the oceans, wildlife and the people of Japan,

Mike, Carisa and Marley

Well that is all for tonight!

Far, Fast, Deep,

Elora Malama West

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  1. During the time I watched this movie, I have and haven’t since cried so much for a species… the narrator is at time full of himself but gets some amazing footage and tells the story right. I haven’t been afraid of sharks since….bless them out there, we can do what we do here individually…..

    Mr. West, you Rock!!

  2. i read your little biography at the bottom of the blog and wanted to tell you that i have a ring that says “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” just a random thought! you are amazing!

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