Please remember that while we are so, so, happy and lucky to have our loved ones safe and at home, our hearts go out to those who have yet to find theirs.

(Please remember that the Guardians really do believe that the media should be on Japan and the cities that have been washed out… but people need to see families being reunited as well!)

Yesterday afternoon my mom screamed and starting crying tears of joy when she learned that my dad, Marley, Carissa, Tarah, Mike, and Brian all had managed to get flights home! Friday, my dad and our friends had found themselves caught in Japan’s earthquake that lead to the Tsunami, nuclear destruction, and the wreckage of lives. 

What is going on in Japan is heartbreaking and devastating! We pray for everyone who survived and our heart goes out to the families who were ripped apart! I know that there has been a little criticism towards the Cove Guardians for not staying in Japan, but what could they do? All our friends were doing was taking resources and food away from those who live there and need it. Our family and friend’s homes are here… unfortunately the Japanese people’s home is there. No one deserves the damage that has happened in Japan, but having tourists and other people in Japan who are not trained for search and rescue and taking up resources is not productive in moving Japan forward. 

Thank you, to all of you who prayed for their safe return home!!!!

Far, Fast, and Deep,

Elora Malama West

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9 Replies to “The Safe Return!”

  1. So happy for all of you ~ The Cove Guardians that they are safely back home and also for their loved ones who for a time did not know of the Cove Guardians fate in Japan.
    At the same time, my sympathy to the people of Japan who are having to endure a terrible natural disaster. I can not even begin to imagine what it must be like for the people of Japan who are experiencing this disaster first hand or who have loved ones lost or still missing.

  2. That video made me cry. I have followed you and your dad since Sept. and I feel like I know you guys. You have brought us into your world through your & your dad’s reports. I thank God that the quick thinking of Brian and your dad took them to higher ground in time and I’m so glad your dad and the rest of the CGs are now home! God has blessed you and your family! Also, the dolphins are safe for now! Continued prayers for Japan.

  3. Amazing story! Less than four days after the quake, they are home safe! And they simply just walked out (not so simple), and got on a plane. They are very lucky and I’m happy all are safely home.

  4. I too feel like i know you and your dad. Thank you for allowing me that previlege. So glad you all survived and are now home safe. So sad for the Japenese people and their suffering. My thoughts are with them now. Sincerely hope the nuclear industry gets the reputation it deserves in Japan and that Japan invests heavily in green renewable energy sources in the future. Sincerely hope that there is no further release of nuclear pollution. I know you won’t forget your watching brief on the dolphins. Please also know you will always have my support.

  5. Wonderful!!
    It might be hard days for you and your father while you were separated.
    No one has the right to criticize your father not to stay Japan.
    Please enjoy the time to spend with your family and precious friend.
    And It will be a story that gives us the hope to return to our happy days with family.
    Please say hello to Mr West.

  6. Oh! Welcome home! I have a painting I would like to donate to you! “the smiling dolphin” Love hugs!

    1. Victoria,
      That is very sweet. Not sure if you mean to give Elora a painting or wish to “donate” it to the cause for the dolphins.
      We are preparing a fundraising event next month for SSCS Dolphin campaigns in the future. If you wish to have us put the painting in the auction to raise funds for future efforts to protect the world’s dolphins that is wonderful… if you mean it a personal gift for Elora… that is very sweet. Either way we would happy to have your painting.
      You can send items to:

      Elora Malama West
      C/O: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
      PO Box 2616
      Friday Harbor, WA 98250

      Thank you for all of your support.
      Elora’s mom

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