4 thoughts on “Video is up!”

  1. Thanks for sharing this video, Elora. It gives me a sense of the disaster, though I can only imagine the experience. I am so relieved that your dad has come home safely.

  2. absolutely astonishing videos, Brian!!! First hand….so glad you are all safe and on way home…I am certain my next question will be very premature, but I’ll risk it….do you think you will go back to Japan??? I don’t expect an answer now….just a question…Thank You to each one of you..and so glad you are all alright!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks, Elora for cross-posting…..simply unbelievable!!!!!! Cannot imagine weatching something like it “up close and personal”…nightmares……
    Take care, dear girl and be well…….Happy for you and you family that our Dad is safe!!!!

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