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My note…

Hi Everyone,

I posted this as a note on facebook… but I feel like it should be posted hear as well. I am really shocked by the level of… apathetic… comments that some are posting on facebook. Please remember that while we may not agree with some things the government allows to happen, the Japanese people did not deserve to lose homes, family, friends, and lives. I know the slaughter of Cetaceans irritates us and we want to see it stopped (it needs to be stopped)… but right now Japan needs our support!

My note:

I‘d just like to say… if the trolls families were in the middle of this disaster they would be doing everything that they could to get them home… they wouldn’t say “well you survived, but good luck fighting the radiation!” Bottom line is, once we get our friends out of there, more resources can go to those who lost their homes!

I am astounded at some of the posts that have been made, against the Japanese people. I do not care what views people have on the slaughter of cetaceans, in this moment, that needs to be put aside until it is time to rebuild Otsuchi, hopefully with a dolphin touring idea in mind rather than a new butcher house.

The disaster in Japan is horrific! Please do not be posting elsewhere that they deserved this… thousands of people are unfound… families have been ripped apart… and there are people suffering everywhere.

I am very lucky that my dad and our friends survived! They are lucky, and they know that. 🙂

Everyone who has lost their families and their homes in Japan are in our prayers and help is there to assist them as best they can.

-Elora M.

Please help the people of Otsuchi!

The Ft Bragg Sister City to Otsuchi has a collection fund for their friends and donations can be sent to them to directly. There are many humanitarian aid agencies collecting for Japan but if you wish to do something uniquely personal to our crew who witnessed this destruction you can do so here

Relief supplies reach the people of Otsuchi…. They have nothing left there and are in our thoughts constantly.

-Suzanne and Elora 

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  1. Agreed Elora! I posted a similar comment yesterday. There is good and bad in every society and no one deserves to suffer. Animals or human. Thank you for throwing that out there! 🙂

  2. Hi Sweetie…I commented on my page..but I’ll tell you here…what you have to say here could not have been said any better by anyone! I am appalled by what I have read today by people who must be angry, sad, bitter people regardless of their age. We are all here together, no matter where we live…I pity them…..and yes, most of them but not all are “trolls” with nothing better to do…How pathetic!!! I AM so happy everyone of the Cove Guardians, your Dad, ,everhone ae safe and secure…be well, young lady..thank you for who you are!!!
    xoxoxoxoxoxox FOR THE WORLD!

  3. Well said, Elora and thank you. The destruction of our sister city, Otsuchi, is unimaginable. Part of what bouys me in this time of sorrow is knowing that kind hearts, like yours, exist in this world. Rescue crews have reached Otsuchi. We have received messages from some of our friends. The generosity, caring and sense of community of the Japanese people will help Otsuchi recover. Thanks for the information you and your mom and dad have been able to provide to us.

  4. Well said, Suzannne and Elora. I continually work on behaving compassionately and compassion is certainly needed in this case–actually, in any case. I am so happy and relieved that your dad and his cohorts survived this disaster. Blessings on every being.

  5. I agree Elora it’s very disheartening to read such hate. My heart aches for japan. I would be there in a heart beat if I had the funds to go. My prayers are with Japan

  6. Thank you for posting this. The comments made by some are inhumane. I don’t like the killing of anything, animals or human animals. When we can stop killing each other in wars, and in our own country, when we can understand other cultures, not impose our own on them, then we will be truly compassionate.

  7. The Fort Bragg Otsuchi Cultural Exchange Association, which is raising fuds for the people of Otsuchi, now has a website, . Tax deductible donations can be made there through paypal

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