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Funds for those effected by disaster!

Hi Everyone,

Many people are asking how much money needs raising etc. I have no idea on the totals since your passionate push to help these volunteers get out of Japan started, but it appears that their departure will be sooner than we thought a day or two ago.

Everyone has a return ticket which will need to be changed obviously. The flights and fees involved with that is currently unknown, but no one will be stranded for lack of funds. I think there was some confusion thinking they did not have tickets, but that was not the case. I think there was just concern they may have been stuck longer than they had planned for creating additional expense and then the idea of thinking additional tickets may be needing to be obtained… uncertainty and our sense of helplessness during their 24 hour absence from contact with us all, created a situation where people jumped into action to help loved ones, strangers, and friends … For that I know they are grateful.

In the event that more money was raised than was needed after all… Please know the overflow will be donated to humanitarian aid efforts in Japan.

Suzanne West