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The Cove Guardians are safe! For now…

Hi everyone! I am cross posting what we put out on Facebook, last night! For now the cove guardians are safe! We will keep you all updated! We are all concerned about nuclear situation, the whole world is! We are working on getting them out of the area!!!

Hi everyone,

Just hung up with Scott. All of them are safe and together in Tono. They were almost to the hotel which they believed was intact but appeared the area had no electricity.

Tono is about an hour + from the port city of Otsuchi… they spent the night on a hill. The town was destroyed. They walked out this morning, abandoning their cars. It will be months before the roads in the area would let them drive out he felt and obviously no other way to leave but on foot. 

At some point some kind people gave them a ride and they were almost to the hotel when they finally got some cell service and calls could be made.

He said they walked over rubble, bodies, a complete devastating mess. I asked if they had been able to help anyone… he said at one point yesterday a woman was in the water screaming for help, they tried to help but she was washed out to sea before anything could be done.

They will assess things at the hotel and eventually make it out of there and head for Osaka but as of now we are grateful they are together and safe and so sad for the people of this region who are suffering things we cannot imagine.

talked to Scott again: he said Ostuchi is gone, that it really doesn’t exist anymore. He said that the gates for blocking tsunami waves were ripped from hinges looking like some medieval gnarled metal gates

bodies surely buried in the rubble they were walking over and in one place some people were cooking rice and miso soup over an open fire and offered them food and in the distance about 8 or so bodies were wrapped in blankets obviously their loved ones

so sad… I have no words… it is just surreal to even imagine… he said it felt like walking thru an apocalyptic movie scene…

After sleeping on a hill last night… walking miles and miles through dead bodies and horrible destruction… my father has called and told us that everyone IS SAFE! They are going to head for Osaka asap! We will have a much bigger update later with all the details! But we can all sleep tonight knowing that they are alive!

Thank you for your prayers, the team really believes it is what kept them alive!

Suzanne West and Elora West

Picture by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society….

10 thoughts on “The Cove Guardians are safe! For now…”

  1. Elora, I got chills reading this account. I am moved to tears. I am so happy and relieved to hear that your dad is okay and that he has survived such a horrendous disaster. I can only imagine the relief you and your mom are feeling. I am so sorry for those beings who died as a result of the earthquakes and the tsunamis. Thank you for keeping us up-to-date. Blessings.

  2. I’m so glad your dad and everyone is safe. This first hand account of what is happening on the ground is so sad. I’m praying for the Japanese people and all who have been affected by this disaster. It is so sad. Quite unimaginable to us who are so far away.

    As you have done so many times in the past, using your dad’s report, you have once again brought your reader to the source of the action as though we are standing right there in the midst of it all. In this case, your father. You have a remarkable way of bringing your reader into the scene. Your continued updates are very much appreciated. This is my only connection to Japan. Thank you. and thank your family, your dad, and the CGs. For they are there for the dolphins which I hope are safe, maybe even freed. God bless everyone.

  3. Thank you Elora! I am so happy that they are safe and you and your mom can rest easier! I know they have a tough road ahead of them but they are survivalists! 🙂

  4. thank god that your dad and the cove guardians are safe ! today’s pictures show the clearer devastation in japan ! and the number of dead is rising by the hour ! this was a very cruel freak of nature, ive always said the sea is so beautiful but so cruel……….i hope cove guardians get back safely.
    i also hope that the dolphins in the pens managed to get out of them and were able 2 swim back into the sea. 🙂

  5. Hi Elora. Thank you for posting this. I am so glad that your dad and the rest of the crew are all well. I cannot even begin to imagine the things they are experiencing over there. I read about the dolphins in the pens. That is so sad. I kept wondering if anyone would find out and let us know. I hope you get to see him soon. Stay safe! Thank you for sharing and posting.

  6. I know I don’t you guys personally but I feel after so many months of conversing with you and the rest of the Cove Guardians on a daily basis I feel I can call you friends…. I was so worried about everyone there including your father…..I am soooooo relieved to know they are safe, alive and in good physical condition. I pray the dolphins in the pens are not hurt and most have gotten away free…..I feel for the country, the images are just a small portion of the real horror that they have bare.

    And at least for now, the dolphin hunt will be on the back burner…I am sorry for the “catch” that had died in vain the day of the earth quake…. maybe the people will relize that life really IS fragile and rethink their lively hood…. my heart goes out to everyone….

    You and your family can breathe now!!



  7. Hi, Elora. Maybe you forget my name.
    I am the Tokyo citizen with cap and bicycle who met you at Taiji in September.
    I am so glad to hear the news that your father and you are safe.
    I thought you are also in Otsuchi.
    I think that it will be hard days for Mr. West.
    There supposed to be few information in English, I guess.
    But I believe many Japanese help him as same as he and the guardians tried to help the woman.
    I wish the day will come soon that you see your father again.

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