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  1. OMG! Amazing and so sad. It appears the Dalls Porpoise hunt is no more……as the town appears to be gone! Positive thoughts going out to all in Japan again today…so happy our guardians are safe!

    1. I understand from another source that many were evacuated due to the fires and it appears that many residents were safe but yet their city essentially gone… there were some reports I read of death tolls in the town but they were in the tens not hundreds and reports of 1,000 + evacuees… so that is hopeful news.

      1. Do you know of where residents were being evacuated to? I have many relatives there and neither I nor my relatives in other parts of Japan have been able to contact them.

  2. Yes… a few town citizens were on the hill with them… however most of the town was washed away… the stories the guardians have been telling us are not happy ones. We’ll let you know what we find out.

  3. The people of Japan as well as the Cove Guardians are in my thoughts and prayers. Let’s all hope that they can come home safe and sound

  4. This is devestating. Let’s hope they’ll be able to rebuild it again. And make this a civilized town. Which will show respect to all living beings. Human as well as our animals. Let them turn a new page, and start all over again. Let them realize that there are other ways to earn a living besides slaughters. This is an opportunity to start a totally new life.

    1. Whatever crime you are accusing the entire population of Otsuchi of (i.e. all 18,000+ of them), almost certainly the vast majority are innocent. You are unlikely to generate any sympathy for your cause if i) your interest in animals outweighs your interest in humans and ii) you demostrate both ignorance and arrogance in your use of sweeping generalisations. Given that the Sea Shepherd almost certainly has satellite communications equipment (and so much other communications are blocked or out of commission), it should be making itself useful in the humanitarian relief effort.

      1. I never meant any disrespect towards the people of Otsuchi. It’s a terrible thing which has happened over there. And i do hope, from the bottom of my heart that whomever is still missing, will be recovered safely. But this doesn’t mean that i can not express my wish for this town. If only humans would respect our other living beings on this planet. I didn’t know that this would be an insult towards anyone out in Otsuchi. If only, i wished them a positive idea, when rebuilding the town again. To create a beauty, to show the beauty of their country in a positive way.

    1. “My dad is Sea Shepherds Criminal Investigator. He was sent on campaign to Taiji Japan, where the movie the Cove was filmed, and asked if I wanted to come along. I am creating my senior project based on my experiences there! ”

      Thanks for posting the pics etc.

      Your blog is currently really confusing as the about me section leads people to believe that you are currently in Japan. You may want to fix this seeing you arent in Japan, to not be misleading

  5. Terrible tragedy. It is like the dolphins had a word with Mother Nature. Hopefully their fishing boats were not insured.

    1. No, lets hope that as few people as possible have been injured/killed, and as few lives have been destroyed as possible. Perhaps think about those fisherman, and their families, and other residents of this town that aren’t involved with what you consider “illegal” fishing. Many people currently cannot contact friends/families in/around Otsuchi. These same people have seen the news footage, and know that people have died, and so are deeply worried. Please think for a moment. If you had a brother (for example) in Otsuchi, at a hotel on the seafront perhaps, would you want some moron spouting quasi-religious claptrap? You should have stopped your post at “Terrible tragedy”. That much I agree with.

      1. Denham, thank you for replying to this post. It made me so unspeakably angry. You’ve said basically what I wanted to, but I feel the need to reiterate…

        Dori, do you realize what you are saying? How can you pretend to care about the rights of animals, if apparently you have no concern for life? You realize that basically you are self-righteously laughing at the fact that hundred or thousands of animals have been pointlessly killed or are suffering. They might be human animals, but if dolphins deserve respect, then so do humans.

        Also, I am trying to find friends who are living in and around Otsuchi. And to see your flippant remark saying basically everyone got what they deserved because a few people have different beliefs…well. It’s too much. It’s like pointing your finger at and laughing at my potentially dead or injured or starving friends.

        Yes, Otsuchi had fishing and culinary habits that many people (rabidly) disagree with. And normally I have no problem with people expressing those opinions, but in a time like this, when people are desperately looking for information about their families and friends, (and this is one of the very few websites with photographs of Otsuchi’s current state) couldn’t you be a little more considerate of their feelings? Save all your comments about how all the Japanese deserve to die because they eat dolphin for another time.

        (I might be exaggerated the vituperative-ness of your comment, but that’s how it comes across as to me right now)

  6. Anne, this is all I know: Iwate prefecture is without electricity in its entirety (according to its website), which would explain why making contact is impossible. Video footage of Otsuchi on fire shows part of the town underwater, and some of the bridges above water (suggesting that Ogakuchi and similar areas are not so badly affected, which is something). The following link is from Iwate prefecture’s own website, and gives some information about each town, including Otsuchi: 1103122100hinansya_kyuenneese.pdf. Otsuchi is on page 8: 1,680 people evacuated, many injured, fires on the mountainsides and devastating damage in the town. I have native Japanese speakers searching for information on Otsuchi and Kamaishi, and family in both. Feel free to contact me at almost_rational@REMOVETHISBITyahoo.co.uk and I’ll pass on all the information I have.

  7. Heavens! Such divergent opinions! At this time I pray for all those lost and for all those searching. May you find what you seek. My tears are for you all, my heart wants to reach out and touch you all in some small happy way. So, I send you butterflies. May your metamorphosis be as beautiful.

  8. While I have no doubts the comments were meant to be sincere, I, too, agree that the last thing we need to be concerned with at this point are the dolphins. I say this as a former Cove Guardian (who will be returning in December.) All life is important, and we can have hopes for the future, but our concern now should be on the people of Japan.

  9. This is a young girls blog. Her dad and friends are in the middle of a horror movie.Common people.

    It is absolute sadness and shock what has just happened to this town and Surrounding areas. People are dead, buried alive, loved ones are
    missing and a nuclear meltdown is a reality.
    The fact is, the whole “fishing” biz will be down for a bit around these parts.It’s only a very small silver lining on a very dark large cloud.

    This group volunteers are alive.
    And they need help getting out. They have dedicated their time, money and energy to help a helpless species.
    If your reading this. Please donate. They would do it for you..

    and energy to helping dolphins and now they need help.
    Please donate. Instead of

  10. Thanks for sharing these devestating photos. I lived in Otsuchi many years ago for two years. Because of the people, it quickly became my home for me. The people of Otsuchi are kind and generous, despite in many cases their limited means. Marcus and Anne I hope that you will soon learn good news of your family and friends who were in or near Otsuchi/Kamaishi

  11. I forgot to say that I’m very glad that your father and his friends are okay. And again thanks for posting this news. It was the first information I could find on Otsuchi. I see now that the Sea Shepherds photos and videos are on many news websites.

  12. Hi. Does anyone have any real proof of what’s happening to this town? I have many friends there, and I have been awake day and night trying to find their names in the local shelters. I’m horrified at the photos.

    I just really need to know how many towns people are still alive!

    Can anyone please answer me. (:>

    1. Hi Dustin,
      I really don’t know how to answer your question… once my dad gets a little rest we are going to ask him more about the damage.
      I am really sorry you have not heard from your friends! I really wish they are safe and in a shelter somewhere.


      1. Thank you

        So far we have found at least 5 of our friends. By we, I mean my friends and I have found some friends in Otsuchi. I come from Fort Bragg, CA. We are the sister city.

        We are extremely worried about the towns people over there. We have heard many stories that half the population is missing/dead. We haven’t heard from anyone over there, due to the cell towers being out. I hope everyone is okay!

    2. The Iwate-ken website has been posting survivor lists from various shelters in their new updates section:
      This is not a complete list of survivors, and I heard that a lot of people left some Otsuchi shelters when the fires got too close.

  13. Dustin,
    I taught at Otsuchi JHS at around the same time that Ft. Bragg exchange students came to Otsuchi (2003-2006). If you contact me at thinkjedi@gmail.com and give me the names and approximate ages of your friends, I’ll check the survivors lists for you (they’re all in Japanese, otherwise you could check them yourself). If you have their addresses, that will help too. I will say that I’ve heard that the Jr high and high school students are mostly OK, but I can’t confirm this…I’ve only heard this from one of the former teachers at Otsuchi JHS. I just read that almost ALL of the grade school and junior high school students are fine in Kamaishi.


  14. What has happened in Japan is heartbreaking and horrible. I can’t imagine how many thousands lost their lives. I am devasted for the ‘innocent’ people and the animals. All mammals…the same group. Human beings hold themselves in such high regard, and blatantly abuse the planet and it’s resources, unlike any other species, ever. Animals take only what they need to survive, and are tortured and killed by us in so many ways…for ridiculous reasons most of which have nothing to do with food production. The great irony is that, even so, in spite of everything, an animal will come to the aid of a human being in distress, without hesitation. No grudges, no manipulation, no malicious tactics…just pure empathy. The human race could learn a thing or two.
    So many innocent lives lost in this terrible earthquake and Tsunami; children, babies, and animals too…the dolphins left in their pens to die. I am not a religious person…but deep down, I wonder if the earth said….”ENOUGH” in the only way it could.
    We can only ask…who will be next?

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