Help us rescue them!!!! Please! More Photos!!!!

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Mike, Carissa, and Marley’s Blog: Please read their post and do what you can to help these three young adults get out of the devastation in Japan!

Tarah’s Blog: Please read and them them out! 

From Brian:
We’re now facing the problem of the nuclear meltdown and we want to leave. There are no trains. We’re going to need an airlift from the US State Dept, or Dept. of Defense to an airport. Three of the SSCS activist need financial help for plane ticket out of Japan.
ALSO if anyone has any pull or contacts please let us know. They are in a city called Tono at the Kikuyu Hotel. Cell is no longer working but emails seem to be good for now.
We believe the Japanese Government/Military has taken over the cellular towers. We have no access anymore to cellular calls (they were working in Tono until a few hours ago), all phones say “No Service”. They likely did so to use the bandwidth for emergency services. We still have Internet.

More Pictures from Otsuchi! Click to Enlarge

I want to remind people that I (elora) am is not in Japan! It is only Tarah, Mike, Marley, Carissa, Brian, and my dad (scott west)!!!!

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  1. Thank you Elora, we must help get Brian Barnes of SJD & your Dad, Scott & the other SSCS Cove Guardians, Marley, Mike, Carissa, & Tarah out of Japan-now that we can be so grateful that they made thus far thru this terrible disaster! Will donate for the three that have paypal button, but we need paypal info. for Brian & the others too.
    Our hearts are with U all! Blessings, your dolphin-friend, apple neilson (Florida)

  2. Elora, I was glad to hear everyone was ok. Maybe try calling the state department. Try to get them to be a bit sympathetic, they tend to e willing to do more to help then. Unfortunately, you may have to wait until Monday for them to help. Be persistent because with this disaster, they are probably very busy. If one person won’t help, ask to speak to someone else. Call other federal agencies too if you need to. Another idea is to call the army, navy, air force, marines, and coast guard.(try air force first, then army, then coast guard. coast guard may be more willing to help out since they’re the only ones that aren’t really deployed to the middle east right now and part of they’re job is to help people) They may be bringing supplies between the US and Japan and you may be able to get the cove guardians on a flight back to the US. Probably won’t be what they’re used to since it will most likely be a cargo plane, but at least they would be home. The only possible problem is that some are Canadian. The US may not do anything about them since they aren’t US citizens. I that case, you would have to work something out with Canada. I don’t think it would cost you anything if they just rode a cargo plane on the way back, but I’m not entirely sure. They may be limited on how much they can bring back, but again I’m not sure. Just hope you can figure something out! In the mean time, make sure they are taking iodine pills.

  3. The people who have family and friends in Otsuchi are having trouble getting information about the town as the radio/communication tower is not working. The roads are damaged and journalists still not able to enter the town. News are gradually coming out with survivors arriving inshore towns and some trying very hard to get mobile communication.

    So could you please consider PUTTING ALL YOUR PHOTOS ONLINE, so that people can at least know what’s happening there? It might also be useful to identify who’s alive.

    Your father and friends were able to return to the hotel in Tohno with locals offering them a ride and food. I hope you’ll return their favour, not utilising this for SS campaign – which I believe will offend the Japanese immensely. Please do consider this asap.

    1. … I have no control on what is going online… I post what they send. You don’t seem to understand that we are lucky to have the pictures we have! They are trying to get the heck out of there! The radiation disaster is now a reality… please do not tell me that I am offending the Japanese and not being helpful! I cannot do anything! I know people have family missing, and I know how that feels, I thought my dad was dead for 23 hours! I really get it…. but lashing out at me is not going to help anything! I am 17 years old and I’m all the way in Washington.. I can’t do anything!

      1. Calm down, Erola, I am not accusing you just now. I do understand your father and friends are in difficult situation not knowing much as they lack the language skills. I feel sorry for you and from what I learned from Twitter other Japanese have been trying to locate them, tweeting their missing info, map and pics. I’m sure others in Tohno would offer help to them if they try to reach out.

        “Utilising this for SS campaign” is not referring to what you’ve done. It refers to the SS future actions. Please do understand I’m not “lashing at you” at this point.

        I just asked if you have more photos to put online, which would help the people who are trying to know if their relatives and friends are ok in Otsuchi – same as you’ve been for 23 hours. If you do not have more photos, that’s fine. But have you heard the name of locals who helped your father and friends? That would also be valuable info.

      2. Hi Kimura,
        I do apologize for having a meltdown! I think we can all agree this is very stressful, for everyone! And I am being attacked by some people so I am very raw right now
        Thank you 🙂

        I promise you when video and photos appear I will post them. Um, yes… I believe I have the name of one local girl actually! Give me a few minutes.. I’ll be back.

      3. This is from Marley’s post: We spent the night in our rental cars, we had a local Japanese girl with us named Iuka and we gave her power bars, water and she slept in the warm cars with us, and in the morning we got up and started seeing the dead bodies, a womyn hanging from a tree, the wave left her there, people in cars, total devastation. It took us an entire day to walk out of the town, rubble doesn’t even describe it.

    2. “Utilising this for SS campaign” is not referring to what you’ve done. It refers to the SS future actions. Please do understand I’m not “lashing at you” at this point.
      Excuse me… I fail to see why you should or would LASH out at her at any point?? She has nothing to do with whatever your obvious issues are with SS campaigning.

  4. Hey Mike and Mkay.

    She’s 17. And she is has more guts in her baby finger than the 2 of you put toghether.Go cyber bully someone else.

    Elora those guys have no idea what you do for the planets animals, the environment and others.
    Is there a delete button for those posers?

  5. Have tweeted both DOS and Ambassador Roos giving SOS, included link to this page, location, and fact that only email works.
    Fingers crossed.

    1. Advise they keep eye out for journalists who are making they’re way there. May be able to get a lift.

  6. Elora,
    I lost many friends in this tragedy. Many Japanese are still facing with the increasing number of casualty; children much younger than you are were helplessly washed out, there are many dead bodies floating everywhere. While I’m very happy to hear that your father is ok, your group is not necessarily popular in Japan. So please be a bit more considerate on what you post. There are far more pressing issues than to evacuate uninjured like your folks now. You are not in Japan, so you can’t do much in person. But dont use a stupid execuse that you are a teen only when it suits your need. You can post pics as the post above, but please refrain from making any comments as it add more fuel to the flame. Sincerely.

    1. My being 17 is not a excuse… it means that there is nothing I can do. Absolutely nothing. I am not being rude to anyone who has lost family or friends…. I am defending myself against the people attacking me and saying that I am not helping because I am not posting videos… I don’t have videos and it takes hours to download them onto their computers… I don’t even think videos have been transferred to computers.
      I am sincerely sorry for your losses… and the cove guardians have witnessed a lot of death as well! Everyone is helping everyone out… differences aside!

      1. Erola, as I posted above I’m not accusing you for not putting videos or anything. I asked if you have more to put online so that we can use them knowing what’s happening there and who’s alive etc. If you don’t have them, that’s FINE. Calm down, your father is ok and no one’s accusing you.

    2. What is the deal with the pictures? Why is so important that a teenager posts pics on her environmental activist blog? It’s a personal blog, not CNN. The girl can choose to post whatever pics she wants. While I think what she has been and is doing is beyond commendable for someone her age, I don’t think the folks of Japan are using it as a source for photos to identify their loved ones. I’m sure she’d love that sort of following though. If you want to know what’s going on in Japan, turn on the news and leave this poor girl alone.

      1. Josie, you don’t know the distress the Japanese people are subjected to. People are trying to know about their relatives and friends in Otsuchi but it is still very hard to have information from the town. People on Twitter are trying to use photos taken by mobile phones to know what their parents’ houses are, and who survived the earthquake and tsunami. Every little helps and WE ARE SHARING ANYTHING ABOUT THE TOWN.

    3. Don’t be ridiculous. Mo one is making comments about any of the horrible things the folks in Taiji do to dolphins during the midst of recovery after an earthquake. I feel like everyone has much bigger things to worry about. When are you going to understand that this blog is for a 17 year old girl to talk about her feelings on environmental conservation? She’s in the process of trying to get her Dad home after a major event. She can post whatever pictures, comments, videos and rants she wants. Her name is on the blog!! Leave this young girl along and go read something else if you’re not going to be supportive.

      1. You’re welcome Elora! Anytime. I love telling ridiculous people to take their nonsense somewhere else.

  7. Just ask Paul Watson to get you home he has lots of money, he could charter a jet to take all of you home or to Taiti where he is right now.. no problem

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