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Tsunami in Iwate…

I know everyone has heard about the devastating earthquake that hit Sendai, Japan. The earthquake lead to Tsunami’s hitting coast lines and after shocks shaking cities.

Eye witness reports of the quake on youtube here

We have yet to hear from the Cove Guardians in Otsuchi, Iwate!

Reports have been filed for our missing friends and family!

Below is our facebook posts over the last 12 hours… I hope this helps clear up any confusion!! We will keep everyone updated on what is happening and what we find out about the Cove Guardians. My heart goes out to all effected by the disaster in Japan!

49 mins ago: I checked out the Ft Bragg sister city page and will post what they had on their page and my response as space will allow…. From Twitter (unconfirmed): 57 people were confirmed dead so far in Iwate Prefecture, 31 people in Ofunato, Rikuzentakata five people in the city, the city of seven Ootsuti, Yamada five people, three people in Kuji, Miyako two , and has become one Tanohata village. In addition Iwate Prefecture is that many injured are being transported around the hospital…. who did the tweet? We have 6 Americans/Canadians on the ground in Iwate Otsuchi area and they have yet to be able to contact any of us… the news is terrible and we hope that all are ok including the residents of the town. Our activists are there documenting the Dall porpoise slaughter but we are deeply concerned for the well being of all the citizens despite the differences we have over this issue we do not wish to see anyone harmed and dealing with this tragedy. peace and prayers go out to all… Suzanne/Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

1 hour ago: I am sending positive thoughts to those effected by the earthquake and the Tsunami, in Japan. We have not heard from any Cove Guardians yet! I want to thank everyone for their positive energy and thoughts! -Elora

4 hours ago: No news yet on our Cove Guardians in Iwate. I understand someone reported that the hotel in Taiji they had been staying in is fine. BUT THEY ARE NOT IN TAIJI… they went to Iwate to the Dall’s porpoise slaughter. I am thankful that Taiji and the surrounding area is ok but we have no news yet from the people on the ground yet… we will keep you posted. -Suzanne

11 hours ago: Posting this from Thomas, he was just there recently as C.G. “from this video, they are on the right side of otsuchi, the hill is over 10meter high, the town is probably really badly hit, saw kamaishi (the next town ) under about 4meter water on tv, the steel factory which is 2km from the shore was on fire depsite wave breaker at the entrance of kamaishi harbor. Otsuchi don’t have such wave breaker. I don’t like to say it but, i’m pretty sure there will be dead people in the area. I’m not worried for the people in this car, just hope the other are in a similar place” So, we don’t know much but Brian had a live stream video just before the lines went down and we were able to assess who was in the car and location but we still are not clear where exactly all of the C.G. were…. waiting like the rest of the world. Thank you everyone

12 hours ago: Yes everyone there has been a major earthquake and tsunami in Japan appears that this is where our Cove Guardians are… we are trying to get thru but nothing yet… we will keep you posted.

For Bragg Otsuchi Exchange facebook page

If anyone knows anything at all! Please comment below!

Far, Fast, Deep,  

Elora Malama W.

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8 thoughts on “Tsunami in Iwate…”

  1. Elora;

    Keep the faith I am sure that your dad and the rest of the Guardians are safe and just unable to make contract due to the telcom center being off line.

  2. Dear Elora, I am sure they will be fine. Warnings for the tsunami were given prior to the wave hitting these area’s, but on the moment communication systems are down. Know that we are also praying for their safe return as well as for all the Japanese victims and their families.

  3. I think Japan could be back from the disaster quickly, because they have advanced system of technology.

  4. My partner is from Otsuchi Iwate, Japan. We have a 30 group of Japanese from Otsuchi and surrounding prefecture in a network trying to get information from the local radio station (they dont return calls or emails..yet). My partner’s Mother is missing…her house was in North part of Otsuchi and a friend told us through a landline in the mountain region above that her house was still there, no sign of her. We dont know where is brother is either..he was working on the Crane in the next village at the shipping port…we pray for all your friends and all our family missing. If anyone get thru and can get information on local Red Cross,Military or any #. please email me urgently. We are packing clothes for families coz they have nothing. So Sureal!

  5. James…
    I don’t believe that my dad or the Cove guardians are near Otsuchi anymore. They walked hours up the road to Tono. I am so sorry you’re family is missing!
    While they were in Otsuchi, they had no way to contact anyone either. There was no cell phone signal or internet connection.

    I hope everyone is safe! I don’t know what to say, I do not know how many people survived.

  6. new news from Otsuchi Iwate, Japan newspaper Asahi this morning has said that the mayor is missing and 800 people evacuated to “sudden shelters”! This is the latest.

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