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~My Photography Project~

Hey Everyone,

So, I am currently taking a photography class at my college and for our final project we needed to put five pictures together that follow a theme. I decided to take situations where animals have been abused and/or harmed due to man-made causes and put humans/kids in their places. I realize this idea could be controversial and may offend some, however, that is why I did it. I feel that a large percentage of our population chooses to look away from animal cruelty but pay more attention to humans who have been harmed or physically attacked. I am not trying to say that we shouldn’t help our fellow human beings in times of need, I only mean to say that I believe more people care for their own species over the well-being of the billions of other species that share this planet with us.

Which brings me to my project! Since my final project only required five pictures I chose to re-create:

Puppy/Cat Mills

Oil Spills

Animal Abuse (particularly those who owners allow collars to grow into their necks)

Seal Slaughter

Turtles being caught in fishing line

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I want to add on to this project over the summer… but for now this is what I have completed.

Thank you everyone for you support! I really appreciated all the help in picking out which shots to use.

And of course, I need to thank my amazing models! You all did a wonderful job and put up with my making you lay in cold sand and sit in cages, etc. Thank you!

Far, Fast, and Deep,

Elora Malama West

18 thoughts on “~My Photography Project~”

  1. Elora,
    These are great pictures and you captured your subject perfectly. I hope this inspires people to become active to help save animals. You get an “A” in my book!!

  2. Excellent work, Elora. I am so proud of you what you are continuing to do! As long as there are people like you who will risk it all and continue to advocate for the animal world,the have a chance!
    Huge hugs!!!!and keep up the good work!!!
    FOR THE ANIMALS.always!!

  3. Great job Elora! Using human models really makes one stop to think “How would I feel if I were in that situation?”.

  4. Elora…I forgot to mention in my previous post….You are being a “voice for the voiceless”!!!! xoxox

  5. and I am so glad you have brought embedded collars to the forefront!!!! it is one of the worst things seen on dogs in shelters, abandoned dogs, dogs left on chains…..Thank you Elora!!!

  6. Elora, I have to say, I already loved you for your passion and fight for the oceans, but you make me even prouder now. All that is discussed on your blog is the marine mammals, obviously, and I understand why, do not get me wrong. But to find puppy-cat mills, and dog abuse on your post today just made me smile and makes me that much more proud of you. Along with the Japanese marine slaughters, fighting animal abuse is right there with it for me. I love dogs as much as I do dolphins and whales and my disgust for the japanese murderers is just as equal as my disgust for animal abusers. I must reiterate what Betty said about the embedded collars, so so cruel and I am so happy to see you bring this to the forefront as well. You never cease to amaze me dear.

    1. Hi Angie,
      Thank you! Yes I am against any type of animal abuse! I have chosen to fight for our oceans first, because they need saving or else every other problem in our world won’t mean anything, because we cannot survive without the oceans.

      It is cruel! I really got into wanting to help animals when my sister and I were little. We used to watch Animal Cops on Animal Planet and we loved to watch the “bad guys” be thrown in jail for harming the poor animals! Haha, so we’ve been about fair treatment of animals ever since I can remember!

      I’m so happy to be involved with a global community that thinks the way that I do!! Thanks for your comment 🙂


  7. I wanted to add, just what a wonderful and creative idea you have come up with here. What a brilliant way to make people stop and think. You are so intelligent, I am so glad there is someone like you fighting these causes, and wish there were many more. It would be great if you could have your project broadcast around the world, in magazines, newspapers, and on everyone’s televisions. Get it across the internet in any way you can, this message needs to be heard by everyone.


    This is EXACTLY the kind of STATEMENT this world needs to wake up and start fixing all of the horrors the animal kingdom face each day.

    The images are STRONG, Elora. They are POWERFUL statements.

    I would only suggest to expand the quantity within each topic, i.e. “A Collection on…Puppy Mills” etc. and then broadening the topics to such things like over fishing and population decline, shark finning, captivity, etc.

    I look forward to seeing more of this from you. Who knows, you could get a second book out of it!

    1. Thank you!
      Yes I had a similar idea in mind! I really appreciate your support 🙂

      Haha, a book with my photography in it would be a dream come true. But for now I am experimenting with my camera and trying to find my style.

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