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Keep Calling!

Hey everyone,

Tonights blog is going to be short because I have math homework I still have to do! Oopps!

Well I wasn’t sure what to write about tonight, but I think I want to talk about another “extreme” I’m going through. It’s really weird being back at school. My mornings have gone from wondering if I’m going to witness slaughter, to wondering if I will get a parking spot and to class on time! It’s a strange switch… and even though I’ve been home exactly a month now, I’m not used to it. But it’s important to adjust back to my daily life because I need to prepare myself for next year!

While it is so important for us to have crew on the ground in Taiji, what you all are doing everyday (calling and writing the embassies) is super important! I know those phone conversations can get irritating, but don’t give up! If most of Japan isn’t going to put pressure on their government, then we need to keep calling! Thank you to everyone who calls and writes the embassies every-time the molester’s boats go out!

So something very cool! In about ten days my dad and I will be speaking at Western University about the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter and our experiences while we were in Japan. I’m super stoked! More about that later 🙂

I’m sorry to hear about the 30 souls that lost their lives today! 😦 R.I.P our friends in the sea!

Far fast and deep,

Elora Malama West

7 thoughts on “Keep Calling!”

  1. Because of my profound deafness, I am not able to make phone calls. HOWEVER! As you can see from my Facebook page – especially from my Notes folder – I have been writing to the embassies, consulates, fisheries office, and Dolphin Base so very frequently. I feel that I’ve been putting in the effort on behalf of our beloved brothers and sisters of the sea, especially when I cannot be in Taiji at this time. I really appreciate your encouraging everyone to keep up with the calls, letters, e-mails, and faxes on behalf of all wild cetaceans.


  2. Did everyome read Libby’s entry on the cove guardian page today? So sad. Many dolphins have lost their lives in the past three days.

  3. Elora, sweetheart, we miss you, come back! I know you are busy so I understand your being absent from the blog. I have read for days now of the poor dolphins being slaughtered day after day at the cove. The murderers are certainly making up for the days they missed during their break from slaughtering the dolphins. However, Captain Watson and his brave 88 crewmembers are doing a FANTASTIC job at stopping the whalers from killing whales. Hooray for Sea Shepherd! Hope to hear from you soon dear. Angie

    1. Hi!
      I will update my blog ever monday night 🙂
      I’ve been working on my speech for Western on Friday, I’ll post all that information Monday too.

      Yeah I know, I’ve been such a mess because of what is going on in Taiji… I just want to be there with Nicole and Libby. But they are doing an absolutely amazing job!

      Haha yeah! Operation No Compromise is kicking butt!

      Thank you Angie,

  4. What an honor to be doing a speech at a university. The word is getting out. You should post it on you tube so we can all see. I know you will do great and hopefully this will open alot of young people’s eyes to what is going on. It is shocking how many people still have not even heard of the cove and the slaughters. Good luck to you, I know you will do fantastic.

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