Misty the Dolphin!

Hey everyone,

I encourage you to read the Cove Guardian update by Libby, today. The only two groups on the ground in Taiji right now are Save Japan Dolphins, and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

What happened to Eyes on Taiji and some other people who are claiming they are there? Notice that Eyes on Taiji has not posted any blog since December 26th… They have had nothing to do with helping Misty! They have not posted any pictures lately. Hmm… I encourage you all to think carefully about who you are donating too.

Please watch this blog video that Nicole made w/Libby!

And this video that has been circling Facebook:

Far fast and deep,

Elora Malama W.

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  1. Thanks Nicole and Libby for continuing the hard work that Scott and Elora (and many others) started in Taiji. This was a great update!!

    Regarding Misty~ So, according to the vet, lung infections in dolphins is quite common. Hmmm… so, where exactly do dolphins in the wild pick up those much needed antibiotics and get their injections??

    Keep up the calls, emails, faxes everyone to Dolphin Base. Clearly they are really LOVING hearing from everyone!!

    For the oceans,

  2. Elora, It is nice to see you back to blogging! I can only imagine what you have been going through since you have been home.

    It blows my mind that the person interviewed doesn’t seem to understand why so many people are worried about Misty. It is amazing that they are not worried about his living conditions, at all. And to think that they think we will just stop being concerned…they should no better!

    Thank you for including the “Where Are You Now” video. I am honored that you shared it.

    For the Oceans,

  3. Hi Elora

    You know Michael Dalton and his team are on the ground so why do you write things like this? Nicole and Michael just talked in the foyer of their hotel, I spoke with Nicole McLachlan myself. Just because EOT didn’t post for a few days doesn’t mean anything. You don’t know what their tactics are so please, stop this hatred for other groups, it is unkind and unproductive. They are there for the dolphins, what are you doing now other than creating an atmosphere of disharmony? Enough is enough. It’s time to grow up.

    1. Yes Victoria, you are correct Michael is now back in Taiji. He was gone for the past few days… People have been posting comments thanking them for the updates on Misty yet they were not in Taiji filming him, taking pictures, nor interviewing the vet at Dolphin base.

      Michael himself posted in his recent blog that he has been away. So it was correct that SSCS and Save Japan Dolphins were the only groups on the ground the past few days.

  4. Thanks Suzanne for all your clarifications!!!! So many “fringe groups” springing up…not always an easy thing to find what their real agenda might be!!!

    Thanks to you and your family and SSCS and SJD and all the other volunteers who really have their hearts and hands and eyes in the right place!!!! So many mnay others would like to be there too, but just not possible…..You are deeply appreciated!

  5. Yes Suzanne, Michael, Blake and Karl took 2 days off and were away from the Cove however that does not mean that they were not working and meeting on issues via Skype and mobile phone with their donor, locals relevant to Misty, officials and other organisations on the ground, involved with the Cove.

    Given that Elora is no longer in Taiji, perhaps she could just keep focussed on SSCS’s campaign so that she is not commenting on things she does not know about. Her posts about EOT are uninformed and unwelcome and do nothing but cause divide and confusion amongst those whose focus is on the welfare of the cetaceans at the Cove, not personal politics and recognition. Like I said before, enough is enough, let’s leave it out and stick to factual reporting.

    Thank you.

  6. Do people not have anything better to do than read this blog and nitpick every damn thing this girl says? I think she is a wonderful person, with a burning passion to save dolphins, and if alot more people were like her this world would be a much better place. Everyone always comes on here to pick on her, when if they would put that energy into helping the dolphins, maybe more would get done. She put 3 long, hard months in at the cove, she paid her dues, and has every right to say whatever she wants about what goes on there. She knows more than any of us do about that evil place. Leave her the hell alone. You look like real creeps picking on her and dissecting everything she writes.

  7. I also read the comments on the previous post, so my comment is directed at the trolls that commented on the previous one as well, like the Kuji creep. Although you did good telling him off yourself Elora, I apologize, I could not keep my mouth shut. Enough is enough.

  8. Why is Elora wonderful person? All she did was molesting people in Japan. She is not interested in saving dolphins; this is another thrilling game for this teenager. Now the several videos are out showing her disrespectful and shameful actions both in English and Japanese, people start realizing her true color. I was supportive of her, but not anymore.

  9. Good to see you back blogging.
    I hope everyone, on the ground in Taiji or anywhere else, can all work towards our common goal of saving the Dolphins, peacefully and respectfully in 2011.
    Peace and Happy New Year to everyone.

    By the way, thanks to viewing The Cove movie in August 2010 in Tokyo, reading blogs by the Cove Guardians and other individuals who support this cause from inside and outside Japan – my husband and I have decided to stop eating meat. I was vegetarian for a few years before, but this is a first for my husband who is Japanese. I never ever dreamed that he would agree to giving up meat- he still isn’t 100 percent convinced that he can get by without eating seafood, but baby steps 😉 I am so proud of him for opening his eyes and mind to try something new.
    I will stop eating all animals and hope in a few months to try going vegan if I can. Tough in Japan but not impossible.

  10. @Kim….your opening comment is what we all need to remember…..”common goal of saving the Dolphins, PEACEFULLY and RESPECTFULLY”…….some of the post I read sound like angry petulant 6th graders whose best friend has other friends…..know what I mean? Thank you!!!!!


  11. Kim, I want to ask you a question. Have you talked to your husband about the dolphin drives and whaling in Taiji? If so, have you ever asked him if he believes the Japanese people will ever change? What does he think will happen, if anything from inside Japan? I am just curious to see what his point of view would be. Thanks. I just watched the video of Misty, and it is truly so so sad. My heart breaks for him, he looks so sad and alone. I wish I could go free him right now. It is very hard to watch, because I am afraid that he will never be set free, simply because we (westerners) want him free. The Japanese are very prideful and seem to resist us the more we push for these dolphins. They certainly do not like us in their business. I do hope we see a change one day, I hope it is possible. I believe even if Paul Watson offered a million dollars, they would not release him, and only to prove a point to the rest of the world. Even the vet said it in his interview with Libby. As long as the guardians are there, he will remain in that vile tank, and not be moved to a better, cleaner tank. I agree with Captain Watson, I do not think Misty will live very long. Bless his soul.

    1. Hi Angela
      Of course he thinks it’s wrong because dolphin meat is not popular here. He thinks that unfortunately many Japanese won’t respond to emotional pleas of the poor dolphins or that they are smart so we shouldn’t kill them etc. He thinks the Japanese public will only listen to scientic facts about mercury.
      While he understands the Cove Guardians anger and approach when questioning the fishermen and asking them lots of questions in English, he feels that the Japanese public will see it as bullying and close their minds to anything protesters in Taiji have to say. He basically says that the Japanese publics way of thinking about any problem is that if you ignore it for long enough it will go away. He thinks that way of thinking has to change first before any change can happen.

      Hope this helps

      1. Gosh, Kim..your response to Angela is really disheartening…..so, what can be done???…If they reuse to accept the fact that it is wrong on all levels to capture, cull for the marine parks, and slaughter the rest, and the mercury issue doesn’t seem to affect them (don’t they remember Minimata?) and they continue to feed Taiji children the toxic meat….where to turn??? Obviously, the situation is at critical mass and cannot be shut away….I don’t think at this point “politeness” will change thinking…..What do you/your husband think???? Thank you Kim!!

      2. Hi Betty,
        I know it’s hard to believe and it’s so frustrating being surrounded by this kind of thinking. It’s not all, just the majority that think like this. We think that appealing to the younger generation is the key. It’s not the norm to go against the grain in Japan, but we believe that the youth can be swayed more easily into taking a risk and standing up for something they believe in. We need the famous movie stars who spoke out in support of The Cove movie or a popstar/ rockband/ hiphop artist/any idol to go to Taiji. We need to connect more youth like Elora and Nicole with the younger generation in Japan, so their message can be heard. Also school kids like William who came to Taiji with his mum. We need their blogs and speeches/message to be translated into Japanese( properly and not using google translate lol) so that they can be heard in Japan via the Internet by young people in Japan. Videos like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n6D2PnqO5E are brilliant and need to spread around. So there is hope for change. We have to believe in that!

  12. Pacemaker, I was not even going to respond to you, but I do not agree that Elora was “molesting” people. Call it what you want, but her asking questions is nothing compared to what those sickos do to the dolphins. She is simply standing up for what she believes in, and if the dolphin murderers can do what they do to these beautiful beings and still sleep at night, they deserve everything they get, and I am sure they can handle a young woman getting in their face. It doesn’t hurt their feelings I am sure because they have none. You sound like my brother-in-law, when he says that Sea Shepherd’s Anti-whaling crew are pirates and should be shot for harassing the whalers. He sounds like a jerk and you do to. If you do not like her, go somewhere else.

  13. Hi Kim..oh, all points well taken…I couldn’t agree more. It just seems that the “brick wall” of Taiji has turned to iron! The fishermen are changing their methods a bit, the anger has been ramped up…it seems it has turned into a nasty contest…one would think the pictures alone would help people(regardless of nationality) understand that it must stop and stop completely. Maybe young people who “get it” and are in the line of fire, the trenches, need to be in arena where younger people can learn from them by sitting in front of them in a venue like an auditorium…FB is TV to some people…you know what I mean….I don’t know….the dolphin slaughters, whaling, the clubbing of the seals, the slaughter of our beautiful rhinos and elephants and the big cats and great apes and on and on and on…what have we become??????? I have a heavy heart this morning……Thank you for responding to my post!

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