Hey everyone,

Just a really quick update! I posted this on the Teenage Activist Facebook page today, but I wanted to make sure it was posted here too!

I built a new Flickr because I was getting lots of emails asking for high resolution pictures for protests, fliers, posters, blogs etc.
On my Flickr account you can upload any of these pictures to your computer and share them with others. I haven’t put up much at all yet. But I will start adding lots. Lets not let the world forget what goes on in Taiji!


Far fast and deep,

Elora Malama West

16 thoughts on “Flickr!

  1. Thank you!!!!…..Taiji hasn’t been put on the back burner just because you are not there….otherwise it just becomes a “bandwagon” for people to jump on, doesn’t it….I wish for another FREE day for our friends of the oceans….whatever they may be!!

  2. oh my gosh…I want to read this,,,but am almost out the door…will have to wait,,,darn it…in the meantime, I wish you and your family all the very best, Elora….The world is a better place with you in it and we are all so fortunate to “know” you all!!!!!!!!
    Happy New Year! FOR THE DOLPHINS! and every other creature on and above this earth!!!


  3. What is kuji talking about? Was he refering to elora? Anyway, to all who keep up with Sea Shepherd’s anti- whaling campaign, they have already found the whalers before they have even killed any whales, which is wonderful news! You can go to their website to read about it. Hooray! I just wish they could do the same for the dolphins, bless their souls.

    1. Hey Angela,
      Kuji was mad at me because I took down a comment he/she made. They took a video and scripted it word for word, action to action, and posted it here. It was extremely creepy and I took it down. The post was just not welcome on my blog. Hope that clears things up.

      I know! It’s so wonderful! Hopefully no Whales will be killed all season! I’ll cross post the article on the SSCS website to my blog! 🙂

  4. Thanks Elora. You always take the time to write me back. There will always a be a troll or two around, but you are doing nothing but good, so anyone who says anything negative about you, or what you do to help dolphins should take a flying leap. We love you and support you 110 percent.

  5. You deleted your own comment.
    Clearly because you are ashamed of that video, which is merely been subtitled into Japanese.
    If you weren’t Ashamed of your actions, you wouldn’t be hiding or trying to ban me.
    If you weren’t Ashamed of your actions, you wouldn’t feel the need to lie about it either.

    1. Really??? you so totally miss the point Kuji… Elora is not ashamed of her actions but why should she give you an obvious troll and SSCS hater a platform on her blog.
      You keep posting the same stuff and frankly the “script” you wrote out was really a creepy and an odd thing to do. Sad that you have nothing better to do with your time.
      Think of a blog as an extension of someone’s home, they invite you in to read it and should you wish to comment it is appropriate to be polite or kindly leave. If you disagree with her postings and her activism to save dolphins, then why would you choose to visit again and again.
      It is a New Year, maybe it is time for you to find a new hobby.

    2. Alright Kujirakira,
      This is the third email you have created so that you can comment on my blog and attack me… you wrote out a video that a previous cove guardian made like a script (action for action and word for word)… you are obsessed with the idea that I am ashamed of my actions… well now it’s honesty time!

      I can delete any comment I find creepy or irrelevant! The fact you have so much time on your hands, to write out a 14 minute video like a script is just plain sad. I took your comment down because it was creepy! I took the video down because I do not support people who steal others videos off of Youtube and mess with them.

      I am not ashamed of anything I said in that video. This is my blog and I can post whatever I want… if you want this video up so bad, go post it on your own website.

      If my blog bothers you so much, than don’t read it.
      I would have been happy to keep that video up, had it been the original. But that is not the original video, It was stolen. And your writing it out like it was a script in a movie was a stalker like thing to do.

      These are my last words to you,

  6. Hi Elora,
    Have seen you activity in Taiji in YouTube video that had “creepy” Japanese subtitle.
    I was wondering. Is it a common practice in USA to ask strangers “do you kill your children?”

  7. oh oh…..damage control needed? I see the point made by the above commenter……maybe we need to be more careful in who we offend??? just a thought…sometimes in our zeal to do the right thing we offend the ones we wish to become our allies …..
    Just an observation…..Hope we have another “free” day in Taiji!!!!
    FOR THE DOLPHINS and the animals everywhere!

    1. No, Betty not really… this is one person who wants to continue to harass Elora and the other Cove Guardians on line. They are buzzing around like an annoying fly… I am sure they would be trying to annoy the others in the video as well if they had an ability to do so. They have not been able to identify all the Cove Guardians and so they just come here to occasionally try to convince the world that Elora is evil instead of the fishermen. Elora said nothing disrespectful… their claims are nonsense and it is easy for them to hid themselves behind a couple of screen names/emails. Once one is blocked a new one appears with a new user name. Pathetic waste of time on their part although maybe they are being paid by the FU to do this?
      Stealing a video and altering it to spread it around the internet is a violation of copyright laws and that does nothing to make them look very respectable in my opinion.

  8. Hi Suzanne….thanks for your feedback!!!! I was hoping you would…I agree with you…my concern is that we don’t want to alienate the citizens of Japan who may finally be seeing the reality of the outrageous actions in Taiji….that was my main point about “damage control”…if we are so fortunate to see a tide turning in attitude in Japan and something positive is to be done by the Japanese citizens, we can’t afford to lose their support…..what do you think??? and rest assured, I will always support Elora and her passion and activism….not to worry!
    How are things looking today?? Have no info yet…
    Thank you again, Suzanne!!!

  9. Hi Betty, There are good things in the works behind the scenes and relationships have been formed that are quite positive and will help solve this over time. There was much work done in Japan by Scott and Elora that was not seen or discussed as it cannot be at this time. I am not concerned, I believe positive change is afoot and yet there will always be those that wish to say this is Japan’s business etc. etc. etc. Or those that hate SSCS and wish to say they are disrespectful to Japan etc. etc. etc. Those arguments at times seem to be loud over social networks at time but they will not silence the people who can see this for what it truly is… about saving our world’s oceans.

    No info yet… it is like 2am in Taiji so we will have a few hours to wait for news of the day….. hoping for a dolphin free Cove.
    Have a great day!

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