Is it bad I can’t comprehend leaving yet!?

Is it a bad thing that I still don’t feel like I am leaving… even though I stayed back from the Cove today to pack up three months worth of stuff!?

Today I came down in my PJ’s, to see everyone off! Mia was here with me, she had to leave at 8:30. We hung out together while I started packing one of my suit cases. When 8:30 rolled around, we said goodbye… she told me she can’t imagine how hard it will be for me to leave, after being here for three months. This is when I really stopped and thought about it hard… but I still cannot comprehend leaving! I know tonight is my last night in this hotel, but I don’t feel like it is! My room is bare, the hallway is full of suit cases, and I’m saying goodbye to the Cove later tonight…. but I feel stuck here. Not the bad kind of stuck… I’m just emotionally attached to the evil place.

Maybe saying goodbye to the Cove, will help me get used to the idea of leaving….

We leave tomorrow at 8am, our flight takes off at 6:30pm. I will not have another blog until I land, so it might be a few days depending on where you are in the world, reading this. Haha. Next blog is one I am not looking forward to writing, I have a feeling it’s not going to be easy.

I was not at the Cove today when 16 Dolphins lost their lives and three were taken back out to sea in a skiff and dumped over the side (a mother, a baby, and a soon to be mother). R.I.P

Far Fast and Deep,

Elora Malama West

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  1. I can not comprehend what you must be going through. Please take care and thank you for everything you have done for the dolphins.
    I hope one day you can come back to Japan as a tourist and see this beautiful country.
    I know you won’t do that until they stop the killing and selling of these beautiful creatures 😦 but there is always hope.


  2. Thank you for your thoughts and for your friendship elora. and have a merry christmas with your mum and family. you are my best new friend this year. when you come to Australia i will show you around


  3. I know and can really appreciate how difficult it’d be for you to leave, as you’re already so attached and accustomed to everything in Taiji. Have a very safe trip back to the states. We will look forward to your next blog entry when you get a chance. Even though it may not be something that you are looking forward to writing, just take your time to settle down, reflect on the entire stay, and share your experiences with your family and friends instead of rushing to do things. I bet your family and friends are very much looking forward to listening to your experiences.

    You mentioned about the release of the three Risso’s dolphins – the mother and her little one and the mother-to-be. I am so incredibly disturbed to hear this! Even though no one mentioned specifically on Facebook about the mother, her calf, and the mother-to-be, some people mentioned that “about three dolphins were released”. There was no other info. I will use your info (especially the mother-calf pair and the mother-to-be) in my upcoming letter to the embassies/consulates/fishery office. I am extremely concerned about the well-being of these precious dolphins, since they’re quite vulnerable without the protection of their own pod-mates and they’ve already endured so much stress from the ordeal. I do hope the mother and her little one and the mother-to-be will be OK and that the mother-to-be will not lose her calf as a result of being dumped over to the side! Separating members of the dolphin family is way beyond appalling and will no longer be tolerated!


  4. Have a safe trip home Elora… Thank you so much for everything you have done and accomplished in Taiji.
    I have been living though your blogs everyday and will miss them more than you know.. But what’s important now is for you to go home and take care of yourself and try and heal emotionally from that wicked place so you can go on to growing up to be the wonderful, talented, caring, wise and especially strong woman we here at home reading your blog come love so much! heal for next year and we all will be here for you and the dolphins always. YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE in this fight! And one day the dolphins will all swim free!

  5. Please do not think I am dumb, because I am not, but I would think 3 dolphins being released would be a good thing. Can someone explain to me why they would die? Thanks.

    1. Angela, They could die because they no longer have the protection of their pod. They live in family pods and depend on each other for protection and food. It is wonderful they are alive, but they could be in danger now living without their family units.

      1. Yes, that is exactly what I had stressed in my comment as shown above. They are at a huge risk without their family members to protect and help them. I cannot stop thinking about their whereabouts and how they are doing. I am extremely concerned about them, as well as others that also had been released after enduring the tragedy of seeing their beloved ones killed or captured. LAURICE

  6. Angela, dear Angela…they have no need for the babies or the pregnant females….I don’t think I need to say anything further…..

  7. Those poor traumatized individuals. I’m both happy and so sad for them. I hope they are able to recover and shine on as a new little family. The cove in Taiji is indeed an evil place, a killing field, a holocaust. I believe your attachment to it centers around the beautiful people you’ve worked with there, the experiences you’ve shared, and the souls of every innocent life so brutally taken. I too am attached to it through you, your wonderful Dad, Steven, and all the outstanding guardians who joined you for a while. I am filled with pride and gratitude for you all. Knowing how deeply affected I have been by this from half way around the world, I highly recommend, and am sure you’ve already got in place for anyone who needs, post traumatic therapy. I know I’d need it. God bless each and every one of you, who have and will participate in the guardianship of that wicked place through where so many kind souls pass. 4 more beautiful and tragic months to go…FAST, FAR, DEEP, dolphin brothers and sisters!!! All of your lives have made me stronger and wiser, People like you give people like me HOPE for this wounded world. Thank you ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. SAFE JOURNEY to you….. and farewell til we meet again!!! MAHALO and aloha!!!!! ALWAYS FOR THE DOLPHINS!

    You are loved around the world!

  9. I understand everything about how the sick individuals are. What I was asking is that Elora said they were taken out on a skiff and put back in the ocean, so if they were alive and put back in the ocean , why would they die? I understand if they dumped the mom and babie miles apart, then i could see where the baby would die. But if they were put in the ocean, alive, then why does everyone think they would not survive.

  10. Elora,

    You are truly an amazing young lady. Your parents and family have instilled in you the true meaning of life and honesty. I, like thousands of others around the world, will be waiting with baited breath for your next blog entry. I will also be waiting (with high hopes) of the potential of an international media blitz once you return home and get settled. What you have done over the last 3 months is admirable and awe inspiring. You are a role model to other youths, like yourself, and to adults as well.

    Thank you does not even begin to describe my grattitude to you and your father, and your family for your courage and sacrifices where others remain cowered in the corner, fearful to speak out. Tip of the hat to you dear Elora.

    Much L.O.V.E.,

  11. Elora,
    You did an incredible job of portraying the insanity and madness that goes on in that dreaded cove. I wish you a safe journey home, and may those that have taken over the SS post continue in broadcasting all this unnecessary evil that goes on against our sweet, beautiful marine mates. Swim fast, swim far, swim deep away from the horrific Japan shores. Wishing peace and goodwill to our cetacean friends, CDF

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