Saying Goodbye to the Restaurants!

Today the boats came in empty handed! It was a really close call at first because they seemed to be messing with two different pods! But in the end both pods eluded them! WOO!

The last two days we have been going to all our favorite restaurants to eat and say goodbye to the staff! Over these three months, we have built a relationship with these people.

The family that owns the HandMade Cafe gave me a birthday present even! Saying goodbye to them was so tough!

The Tea House ladies are so sweet! Khadanadb who runs the Curry Place, even came to the cove with his wife to see why we are here. And so many more wonderful people we are going to miss!

The really nice guy who keeps the Cove park clean, always waves to me and smiles! The women who own the hotel I will really miss! We have had such nice moments! And even when we were kicked out of that one place, the girl felt really bad, she just didn’t like SSCS eating there when Whale Meat was on the menu.

I am really going to miss all the friendly faces that make me smile during rough times!

But most of all I’m going to miss all the wonderful people who I have met, and are my friends who live all over the world!

Far Fast and deep,

Elora Malama West

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  1. I have really been touched by your saga. You have seen some of the worst and best that humans can do. And you have had to do a lot of growing up in a very short time.

    You have been in the equivalent of a low-intensity war. Be easy on yourself, you may be suffering from PTSD.

    I believe we are in a time of the emergence of a new ethical paradigm for our species, that what we can learn from the other sentient species on this planet is worth more than what we can earn for butchering and enslaving them. I only hope the cooperative paradigm prevails before the consumer paradigm does.

    1. Thank you for saying it Malcolm. I, too, have been concerned about PTSD as I have suffered it myself. I suggest for Elora to see a counselor and talk through all she has been through to help relieve any sufferings from it. And Elora, don’t hold your emotions in, it will only make it worse. Cry, cry cry….all you want. And exercise regularly. This releases endorphins which helps make you happy (got that from Legally Blond). You deserve a break and plenty of TLC from your family and friends.

      Hope you continue the blog so we know how you’re doing. You are loved.
      Have a nice flight.

  2. Well done Elora! You have shown Japan an uplifting part of the USA ‘s teenage population. Caring ,intelligent young people with a very strong voice and spirt. The Dolphins of Taiji will miss your presence..but you will remain there in spirt,all of you.Thank you for all that you shared these past three months.You and your writings and the COVE film has really opened my eyes to the Horrible treatment and slaughter of these magnificent creatures. I will continue to donate because of all your work done in Taiji. I hope for you to continue on with your work, and to have a safe journey home to your family and friends. Gods Speed Elora..

  3. We’ll still be here darling!! now you can join us each day when we’re glued to our phones and computers when the stupid boats are out….hoping and praying and calling….hoping one day this will end. This is only the beginning!! Super stoked to have met you (well not in person! but….you know!) and will continue this friendship of ours. Thanks sooooooooooooo much for all of your hard wok, go home to your mom and sister and your nice cozy house…..Sleep in till noon everyday! Love you lots!! Hugs….


  4. Hi elora, just watched the cove last night. I want to come to taiji and help out. How would i go about doing this.

    Kind regards,


  5. Elora, you have an amazing opportunity to return to the States and bring your story to the public. As you already know, thousands of people have been following your blog (as well as many of the other cove guardians and SSCS, of course). If you were do a speaking tour this summer, I would imagine it would be very popular plus it would accomplish two things: 1) help spread the word about the plight of the Taiji dolphins and 2) garner support through donations that can be used to support future cove guardians. I cannot thank you and the others enough for the hard work you’ve done this year and I will be thinking ‘far, fast, deep! until the killing ends!

    1. I am thinking she could write a story about the Taiji dolphins for her school newspaper. It would be a good idea and like I said before,definitely write a book about this experience. It would be an amazing book to read and if she puts pictures in it the better. I am sure a lot of people would want to read it.
      Interviews could be added in it as well. I would really like to read it for sure and I am sure they would
      sell very well,maybe they’ll end up been best sellers !

  6. I am so glad that you had some happy moments here in Japan, despite all the horror and heartache you had to endure. You are a beautiful soul.

  7. Elora…your message this morning struck me in 2 ways….first..happiness for the pod……YEA!!!!!!!! and then tears of a different kind for everything you said about all the people you met while you were in Taiji! You have grown into a mature young woman and everyone everywhere should be very proud of you! The emotional challenges you faced this year would be difficult, if not impossible, for an older person, but you as a teen faced them and walked through them to the other side! I am sure the people in Taiji who grew to care about you will never forget you….I know they will want to see you again! I wish you a safe journey home and a wonderful holiday season with all your friends and family!!!! Thank you for all you have done FOR THE DOLPHINS!

    with love,
    Betty Murphy

  8. Elora you are such an amazing young woman! My children have read your blog daily and always pray for you and the dolphins before bed. You are such a hero to my family and also to the world! Thank you!

  9. Bonjour Elora,
    je suis ravie pour vous et votre père que vous puissiez retrouvé votre sweet home, durant ces 3 derniers mois je vous ais suivi, j’ai interrompue pendant une semaine, tellement j’étais épouvantée, triste devant autant d’atrocité. Je pense à vous au Sea Shepherd et aux victimes chaque jour qui passe… Je suis aujourd’hui remplie d’optimisme je me sens aussi concernée. Je vous prie de croire que les actions menées jusqu’à présent ont produits bien des effets dans le monde, je suis française et j’habite à Brest.
    Je reste connecté et suivrais l’ évolution.

    Toujours plus fort et encore plus loin.

    1. Elora Hello, I’m happy for you and your father that you can found your sweet home, during past 3 months I ais followed, I stopped for a week, I was so frightened, sad face of so much atrocity. I think of you at the Sea Shepherd and victims each day that passes … I am filled with optimism today I am also concerned. I beg you to believe that actions taken so far have produced good effects in the world, I’m French and I live in Brest. I stay connected and follow the evolution. Always stronger and further. Pascale.

  10. Bless You Eloria,
    You are an amazing young lady,and truley loved by all.Have a safe trip home with you father who also is so amazing. I to have read your blog from the begining and will miss it,alwas so honest with true feelings.
    Enjoy the holidays with your family,and look forward to talking with you on your FB page. Safe Travels with lots of love.
    May they always~ Swim~ Far~ Fast~Deep~

  11. Hey Elora,
    I’ve been thinking about you the whole day and how you must feel to leave taiji.Thanks for all you’ve done over there and always with a brave young face. You were the first Cove Guardian I met in Taiji and you greeted us with the biggest warmest smile.You made me feel very welcome and part of something amazing. And you sure gave the trainers,killers and the Taiji Mayor a piece of your mind. But most of all you inspired all of us.
    You truely are a HERO and much loved. Hope to see you again someday.If you ever visit Cape Town please know your are always welcome to stay at my house.
    The Africans.

  12. Maybe the dolphins are communicating with each other to avoid the Cove,that’s why
    some have been saved. They are so smart and so beautiful. God protects them all!
    Thanks Elora for watching the dolphins,hopefully other people out there will do the
    same thing and inform us what is happening.

    1. A.F……my thought for sometime now……every time they were able to “cut and run”, it was as tho they had been warned and knew it was time for them to SWIM..FASTER, FARTHER, DEEPER!!!!! We know they talk to each other….in ways we could never ever do!

  13. Yes Betty M. that’s why all scientists say they are among the smartest animals in the planet,even my mom says it so. Other people have told me that whales communicate with each other too.
    I recommend people to see the movie Eye of the Dolphin (you can get it it shows that wild
    dolphins ALWAYS talk to each other. And captive ones talk to each other as well.
    I think Elora could study marine biology and write a book about dolphins someday,she would be a great writer. She really has a natural talent for it and so much love for animals.
    Anyway,I think people should keep praying and ask in a letter to the government of Japan that the Cove
    must not be used for hunting anymore and be shut down. This is the only way the massacre will stop.

  14. Thank You, A.F. for your comments…..I’ll have to get Eye of the Dolphin!!!! and I agree wit you about Elora…as she gets older and her life takes on another dimension as she leaves school…I’ll bet you she does write seriously!
    Pressure, pressure, pressure on the government and the fishing industry in Taiji!

  15. Elora there are really No words to express how truly amazing you are. You have been an inspiration to so many people. I can not imagine what is going through your head right now. I hope you take the above advice and talk to someone, it can be anyone, but you really have to get all these emotions out. I have cried so many times over the past 3 months, and to know that you have only cried a few times, worries me. But, with that being said….Know that the horrific events you witnessed will never be forgotten. You have spread the word to so many people and pulled in so many more to this cause. Although many lives were lost, NONE of them died alone or unloved! I look forward to hearing whats next for you. I hope a little bit of some R&R is up first! Safe trip home!
    And please give your Dad a big hug! What an amazing family you have!

  16. I am so glad that you are always able to see the beauty that surrounds you and the kindness of many of the people that surrounded you during your stay in Japan. I hope you always remember that part of your adventure as well. There is good and bad in the world, but where there are people like you there will always be good. Nice to remember when life slaps you in the face! I love you and can’t wait to see you.

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