I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. -Maya Angelou

I have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to write this… writers block sucks! But I’m going to attempt too. It’s not going to be very long, I’m just trying to let people inside my head the best I can, and understand why I am having such a hard time writing the last two days.

Friday night I’ll be sleeping in my own bed… I can’t even wrap my head around this. These last three months have been such a eye opening experience for me!

Last year was a bad year for me, and I couldn’t believe how much hate was being thrown at me and my sister, from just one person… but I have to say aside from that, this has been the hardest thing I have ever dealt with! There have been times I just wanted to break down and quietly cry, but I couldn’t (because I was in such shock from what I was seeing), and punch private space right in his private space…. but I also have built friendships with peopl from all over the world that will last forever, had a few good laughs, but most of all I’m proud of myself for standing strong and not quitting when times got hard!

I was just thinking about something… whenever we are at the cove and a dolphin jumps out of the water we all stop talking and just stare. People pay to watch them jump (still wrong but it helps my point). When people are out on their boats and dolphins come by (most) people are hypnotized! It’s such an honor to see one jump!! I think this is something every dolphin admirer can agree on… just seeing them jump out of the water… swim around… and if you are lucky enough to swim with them… it’s just an honor! But we imprison them and kill them, a creature that when most the world witnesses, they are completely hypnotized! Why!? The slaughters seem to get worse every time they capture them… but for me the captivity is worse than the slaughter! To imprisson a creature who is not only more intelligent and lovely than humans are… rip them away from their families, and make them love you for food… is worse than the killing for me. I would rather be dead than performing for food.

This is something I have not been able to talk about yet… but yesterday two baby dolphins that were let free were driven away from their remaining family members (that swam out to see with the banging boats chasing them to the horizon). The babies stayed at the rocks somewhat near to the gutting barge… probably lost from their family forever. We couldn’t even move. We were sitting on a rock and I couldn’t even remember how to stand up! I kept picturing that picture of the adorable baby dolphin that was rescued from nets recently… swimming alone in the ocean without it’s slaughtered mother, just to starve to death. I have never been so disgusted with human beings than I was that afternoon.

SO how do you go home!? How to you see something as horrible as that and just go back to school feeling like you are abandoning them! I know I am not, I know that… I can’t help I have to leave and I have plans for this when I go home but I can’t help but feel that I am leaving them (cause I am!). I hate that feeling, and it’s something I cannot find the words to describe yet 😦

I’ll tell you what’s to become of my blog my last night in Japan! I have some plans for it! My Facebook page will be a place I do updates via Libby and where everyone interested in this issue spread news about the Cove or other dolphins in trouble around the world.

The boats came back empty handed today!!! WOOOOOOO!

I welcome Libby K—-as my father’s replacement! You’ll do an amazing job Lib!

Far Fast and Deep,

Elora Malama West

18 thoughts on “I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. -Maya Angelou”

  1. Hi Elora ! This is Colin in Hungary. I just want to take this opportunty to thank you and your Dad for the amazing job you’ve done during the past three months. Especially YOU, Elora, as for someone of such ‘tender years’ to have battled so hard to expose these terrible things, while being exposed to such carnage almost every day, was an amazing feat. If there is a Nobel Peace Prize for the Conservation of our Planet, then it should surely go to the two of you. I can relate to your feelings about returning home as you feel like you’re abandoning your beloved dolphins. But, you have must return to your family, and get back to doing the things you must do back home.

    I’m sure that those guardians who come to Taiji after you will also fight these slaughters in a spirited way, but they will be hard-pressed to express their feelings of elation and despair the way you have in your daily blogs. Your writings transported us all to the cove, even if we couldn’t physically be there with you.

    I’m sure you have a great future in front of you Elora, but you must now ‘let go’ a little. Your care for the dolphins during the past few months has been unshakeable, but now it’s time for YOU to receive large doses of ‘tender loving care’.

    The World will never forget what you and your Dad have done for the dolphins of Taiji, and I hope that masses of decent Japanese citizens will now take up the fight, even though they run the risk of the ‘suspect’ Japanese legal system.

    Take care, Elora. Safe journey home, and please don’t disappear completely ! We are all waiting for your book (your blogs are a book in their own right!) and your movie !

    Best wishes, Colin.

  2. Elora, In my house you are a true hero. You and your Dad and the other Cove Guardians standing there, bearing witness to things that make you – me – all of us embarrassed to be members of the human race. YOU are spreading the word. I know that the things you have seen & heard will stay with you forever. How can they not? I am here in the U.S. and just reading your f/b page churns my stomach most days…but I do it because it needs to be done. I know you will continue to spread the word back here. You have an extraordinary gift of communication and passion – and one day (hopefully not too far in the future) history will record your role in bringing an end to the barbaric practice of slaughtering & enslaving dolphins in Taiji.

  3. Liebe Elora,
    Mein Freund Chriss und Ich sind in Gedanken bei dir. Wir finden das auch alles furchtbar. Es sollte mehr Menschen wie dich geben, die so viel Herz für die Delphine ( bzw. Tiere) haben. Diese grausamen Taten sollten noch viel mehr Menschen erfahren. Man darf einfach nicht aufgeben!
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Sabine Halbig says:
      December 6, 2010 at 6:18 am

      Love Elora,
      My friend Chris and I are with you in mind. We find this all terribly well. There should be more people like you, so much heart for the dolphins (or animals) have. These cruel acts should find out a lot more people. We must not give up!

  4. I so appreciate what you have done there at the Cove. It is amazing that you were there for the dolphins for so long. You have been an inspiration to so many people. I thank you for that and for keeping me so up to date with your blog. You will be missed there but you have gone over and above what most people would do. Thank you. ~Tracy

  5. Thank you Elora. You have touched many peoples hearts with your way with words and brutal honesty.
    You are an amazing young woman!

  6. Thank you, Elora. Thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for dolphins. You have helped so many find a voice they thought they never had. The number of cove guardians are there because you raised awareness. You have done more for the dolphins than I think you realize. Thank you so much.

  7. Dear Elora…..For u and your Dad and everyone with you….a job well done…nooo….an extraordinary job, my dear girl! You have no idea what you have accomplished in such a short period of time….Your steadfast commitment are beyond words! We all realize how difficult this time has been for you and how hard your leaving is…..but we also know you aren’t finished with your fight…….We honor you and we love you and we cherish you!!!! We Thank You!!! and the dolphins you helped every day somehow, thank you too!!!!

  8. Thank you Elora !!!!! Thank you for being the eyes, ears and especially a voice for the dolphins. Taiji will be a different place because of you, you have planted a seed that will continue to grow until dolphins can swim freely and unmolested past Japan. The world is now watching and not liking what it is seeing. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Your swesome! Thanks for being our eyes and ears. I love the way you write, I feel every emotion.
    I say you write a book!!!!
    Also, I’m doing everything I can to get you on Oprah, you and your Dad. What a way to get the word out. I wrote to all the media, but almost everyday, Oprah, then couple times a week, Larry King and Anderson Cooper. Haven’t heard a word from any of them. But I have fiath. I can see you and your dad and your book (or blog) and some video on her stage now. I live in Chicago, so if it happens I hope to God they invite me.
    Reading your blogs have sent streaming tears down my face more times than I can count. But it made me pick up the phone and call Japan, Washington DC, etc…., also e-mail, post the stuff on my facebook, write Oprah, the media, etc…………………..(and dontate$$).
    That is what has to be done. If it wasn’t for you guys being there, sharing your stories none of this would be happening. I have changed my views on the world also, and it’s not for the good. When I saw the one video of (I’m sorry can’t remember his name) when he was crying, and saying the ‘F’ word. Oh, I was right there with him. TOTALLY AGREED! Couldn’t sleep that ngiht, so angry and sick to my stomach.
    Please keep us up to date on everyting you do. (see my email address if you’d care to cc me)
    I know you’ll be on some show, I bet a lot of them too.
    God Bless you and your Dad and all the C.G’s. you guys did a wonderful ljob. I pary you all have a safe trip home. Take Care and I hope to meet you and your Dad one day, It would be an honor.
    (who knows maybe Sept 1st 2011)

    1. Hi Elora,

      You are an exceptional young lady! I read your posts everyday when I get home from work. I can totally understand why you don’t want to leave. But even if you’re not there in BODY you will be there in MIND. And you’ll be helping the dolphins at home in a different way, I’m sure. You give me hope everyday to keep trying to spread the word and call the Consulates, Embassy’s, Prime Minister, and the Ministry of AG and Fishery. The videos and updates are taking a toll on me also, just since yesterday, after seeing the new slaughter technique. And I’m not even there. So I know you have to feel 100x that!

      I too am trying to get you on Oprah and Ellen. And have contacted the news. I haven’t had any response yet. But I’ll keep trying, for the sake of the dolphins!

      Please know that you have inspired me to keep fighting for the dolphins. And I too will HELP STOP THIS!

  10. Dearest Elora,
    I couldn’t say it any better then everyone else on here especially Colin. I wish you the best in all you do. Thank You so much for the updates,blogging.ect.. Your voice has touched mine and so many other hearts..You are truely loved my dear…I wish nothing but the best for you. Keep in touch,and God Bless You,your Dad and all the other Cove Guardians.

  11. Elora,
    You are amazing. Everything that you have done for the past 3 months or so is amazing. I admire you so much. You should be proud of yourself. not many people could do what you did. Your not abandoning the dolphins, you have help saved a lot of them. Once again you are amazing. keep your head up and keep on smiling.
    -Rai =D

  12. Elora, you have done such an amazing job in Taiji! Not only have you stayed strong while watching some of the most horrific things anyone could imagine, you then had the strength to tell the whole world about it. I personally feel like we are friends just becasue of the raw emotions you shared with us over these last several months. I will MISS your updates and having you on the front lines knowing you are guarding those precious souls. It will be a sad day for me to see you and your father leave Taiji. You have brought the entire world closer, and so many of us have made friends with others around the world because of your courage and your strength. THANK YOU!! Keep doing what you are doing, please!! You are the future of people that care enough to take a stand. I know it is going to be hard to be away and back home, but stay strong, plan for next year and keep talking!! You are an AMAZING girl, and I just want you to know how much you are loved, appreciated and admired throughout the world!! ❤ Godspeed on wherever life takes you!!!!

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