Raw Emotions-Nothing to say-again.

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Today was one of the hardest days for me… I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s because I’m leaving in three days… maybe it’s because the baby swam away lost… it’s all just wearing on me… but I can’t bear to leave, I’m too attached to this, I don’t want to abandon them!

I’m writing another quick blog because my dad needs his computer. There is not much to say tonight. 36 were slaughtered, 6 taken into captivity, and 23 were released! The baby whose mother died yesterday, hung back with one other juvenile… the banging boats drove the remaining family members to sea, leaving the two baby’s behind to search for their mothers and die of starvation. I don’t even know what to say, my emotions are so raw!

There are 13 Cove guardians right now! So the fishermen can prepare for crazyness again!

I’m running on four hours of sleep, and tomorrow is another 6 am morning so I got to go to bed before I pass out!

Far Fast and Deep,

Pray they get away tomorrow!

Elora Malama West

15 Replies to “Raw Emotions-Nothing to say-again.”

  1. Elora, I am feeling the exact same as you do. I am having so much trouble getting a letter off to the embassies/consulates/fishery office in the last couple days. (So unlike me, since I’d get a letter off almost every day.) Words have not been coming out very easily. I typed a few lines and then that was it. I hit ‘save’ and told myself that I’d get back to it later tonight. My heart is with all the dolphins, and I cannot help but think about the beloved young ones without their mothers. This truly brings tears to my eyes. I would give anything to see all dolphins live once again and for the little ones to return to their mothers!

    I will be praying extremely hard for the dolphins to swim away like torpedoes this time and for them to keep swimming FAR~FAST~DEEP into the blue ocean, well away from everything else!

    In the meantime, please do hang in there and know that I’ve thought of you every day, even if I do not get to post comments regularly. Do take care!


  2. I feel for everyone….the fishermen of Taiji by the recent photo’s and video are psychotic as far as I am concerned…I see them becoming more cruel and brutal with Dolphins and it is very disgusting! I am at loss of words. Seeing the photo of the guy holding the blow hole of the dolphin all trapped in a net and smiling away while he was doing it was the most sickening thing I have looked at. I feel they are becoming quite arrogant and extremely cruel….They have us beat and they know it and now they are showing off! These are some really sick people!

  3. You must all be emotionally drained having to witness the horror.
    Thank you for being in Taiji and I hope that you can get some sleep.

  4. I’m having the bad feeling that they’re ignoring us on purpose, and then showing their defiance against us by killing the dolphins in more aggressive ways. I wish I could be over there to help with the efforts. But as funds are lacking for me, all I can do is sit back and watch this horrible act continue day in and day out. I’ll continue sending out my emails to every contact that I can think of, to help bring in more awareness to what is really going on over there.

    I’m praying for the whole group over there, praying for your safety and the safety of those innocent dolphin families. Swim fast and deep little ones!

  5. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.
    It is hard work to fight for the lives of the Dolphins. The presence of Cove Guardians is making a difference. The fact that the ‘fishermen’ are using off limit signs, fines, blue tarps of shame, even that they are being more cruel, it is all to provoke and get rid of the Cove Guardians. I feel you are all very brave and strong to hold back the anger and frustration and to keep reporting. I for one congratulate all Cove Guardians, past, present and future. You are making a difference. You are forcing them to make changes. I don’t think they have ‘beaten’ anyone at all. I think they are under much pressure to handle the situation by higher ups and stop the Cove Guardian movement. As long as Cove Guardians remain at Taiji Cove, the pressure is on. Eventually they will come to realize that no matter what they do, the Cove Guardians will not cave and the world wide movement to save Dolphins from being hunted and sold into captivity will not go away. And remember Elora, many are joining this cause every day because of the reporting by you and the others in Taiji. You have played a very important role in saving dolphins by bringing awareness to the media and the general public. You have done much good… for the Dolphins♥ A little battle fatigue is to be expected. No shame there.

  6. Hey, you’re a young strong girl and you’ve eraned my respect how much you do and have done in your young age. If you or someone else need my help, I’ll be there.

    Send you a lot of power, to stay and fight against the fisherman and for our friends the dolphins.

    Yours Chriss

  7. I have no daughter, but if I did, I would want her to be like you. You are such a brave and caring young woman and I have been following you and your father’s reports steadily. I send you strength to go forward and I am so very grateful for this work you are doing. Everything must come to an end, but there is always next year. Love to you, dear Elora.

  8. Thank you for showing clear pictures of the dolphin jailers (I do not call them women or trainers!)
    They are the true face of evil, along with their murderous counterparts! There will be an end to this one day soon and their names will go down in infamy, their families shamed for generations to come!

  9. I completely agree with Christine, I have thought all along that the fishermen are getting more cruel just to spite us. At the beginning they were releasing the dolphins, maybe to appease the activists and make them go away. When they realized they are here to stay, they have gotten more and more cruel and the dolphins are suffering worse. What is wrong with these individuals, that they have no remorse in brutaly killing dolphins, and leaving the babies alone, motherless, to die. To me they are no different than the serial killers that kill innocent people. I do not not know which is worse, being stabbed to death or being drowned. These sickos disgust me. It is sad they are even allowed to walk this earth. They do not deserve to in my opinion. Maybe they deserve the same fate they give these beautiful dolphins. Not that I want them to die, but why ever even put someone so cruel on this earth to live, so they can commit murder, and rob the oceans of these beautiful animals.

  10. Elora, I don’t have much to say either. When I hear things like this, I just shut down. I’m just sorry there was ever a reason for you to have to go to Taiji to begin with. This senseless slaughter gets to me so much just hearing about it. I can’t imagine what it’s like to witness it. You’re a true soldier. You fight for what you believe in, that’s for sure. As always, I thank you for everything you’re doing and my family will keep you in our thoughts and prayers as well as the dolphins. Sending you love and light!

    1. Thank you, Beth for taking the words out of my mouth….However, I must change something just “a tad”…we must never “shut down” or the dolphins are lost forever…..but I am sure you already how that…thanks for saying what so many of us feel…..

  11. I agree with Elora and everyone else. There’s something about the heightened aggression towards the animals that is so shocking and upsetting that it is leaving many of us in a position where we can’t express how we are feeling.

    So instead of trying to write it down, I went to the beach, where I was able to cry. I apologized for what’s happening to these animals. And I put some rose petals in the water for them. Since I know the murdering bastards are reading this- here when you put flowers in the water, it’s a symbolic and respectful gesture to someone or something that has died. Not to bring you sickos any luck when hunting.

    I believe the “fishermen” are taking their belligerence out on the dolphins as a way to hurt the cove guardians and appear untouchable. I read that one of these molesters (now that I think about it, it may have been Private Space) slit a dolphin’s throat in front of Ric O’Barry. This was obviously done to cause Ric O’Barry pain. To show how “tough” they are. But I believe it’s really a sign of weakness. If the cove guardians and our letters/calls/emails weren’t getting to them, I don’t think they’d be exerting such hostility towards the dolphins.

    I want to be optimistic. I know there are times when we want to throw in the towel. But we all have to stay strong. Please stay strong & continue to fight for the dolphins. I live near the ocean and when I go outside and smell the salty air and hear the waves, I can’t help but think of the dolphins. The dolphins and the fight to save them will forever be ingrained in me. What happened yesterday and the day before, was the worst I’ve seen and heard yet. But I am looking at it as motivation. Motivation to keep fighting.

    To the “fishermolesters”- You read that clearly you sick bastards??…. You push and we’ll push back harder. The more you torment these animals, the more we will pressurize your government and our own governments to put an end to this madness. As your superstition goes…never look upon a right whale and her calf. Well I hope to God that applies to these dolphins and the torturous deaths you’ve caused, and the babies you’ve forced to try and survive on their own. Your town has been cursed from greed once. Don’t assume it can’t and won’t happen again.

    1. Extremely well-written message, Ashley, and I could not agree with you more!!!!

      Fishermolesters – now I have another new word to call these most evil thugs!

      You’ve expressed in such a way that really explains how all of us have been feeling and experiencing about the atrocities, even if we’re not at the cove. Believe me, I hurt so very deeply for the beloved little ones!! Hearing about what had happened to them brought tears to my eyes. I would give anything to bring the little ones back to their own moms!! Their mothers will always be with them and all of us, right in our hearts.


  12. Elora, Ashley wrote about a Taiji superstition in her comment. I looked it up and I found a webpage that you just have to read. I know you will find it interesting. I know you do not have time now, but when you get home, please read this if do not already know the history behind the superstition. Very interesting. luna.pos.to/whale/jwa_taiji.html

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