Life sucks.

A slide show of the past week events and today’s slaughter.

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I really have no words for today, can’t find any. More blood than I have ever seen around the gutting barge… and half a family murdered while the rest of the family waits for their turn tomorrow!? What more can I say that I have not yet? These men are heartless monsters!

More tomorrow, I promise.

Far Fast and Deep,

Elora Malama West

12 thoughts on “Life sucks.”

  1. The people of Taiji have blood on their hands today also. All of them as they could stop this act or do something to get it stopped. Instead the walk by and do nothing. Elora, your words have effected people, the effort that you and your father are doing are making a difference, it has effected and reached people. I pray that we can stop what is going on there, the murders, the cruelty, but also change our ways of thinking. I pray for the dolphins, the souls of the onces that have been murdered and for the ones still free. PLEASE not another dolphin death, as far to many have already given their lives. FAR FAST and DEEP.

  2. No need for words. Those Taiji Cove photos say it all.
    Senseless slaughter of sentient mammals by the inhumane.
    Blue traps of shame covering the lost lives of the innocents.
    Thank you for being A Cove Guardian (Angel) Elora.
    Happy you and your Dad had the opportunity conduct a press conference
    while in Japan and give your speeches.
    Never doubt that you are inspiring many… ♥ for the Dolphins♥… Always!

  3. Marytn’s video showed how truly evil these men in Taiji are…they are heartless murderers!

  4. 😦 yes it sure does. Life sucks big time today.
    I hope tomorrow is a better day for the dolphins.

  5. I do not get to a computer often and I have to read the blog from my phone, but I still do it every single day. I cannot see the pictures, my javascript is not enabeled. Can anyone tell me, what is so different today than any other day, I mean can they possibly be more cruel than they already are? From what everyone has said it seems to be something unlike any other day. If someone could tell me i would appreciate it. Not that I really want to hear it, I just know I need to. Truly, nothing breaks my heart more than animal abuse. Or the murder of animals.

  6. Angela,
    On Martyns video, it showed Dolphins caught in a net on a side of a boat. Fisherman were on the boat trying to tie dolphins by their entails on the other side of the boats. Some fisherman were in the water. What I found to be the most horrific was the Dolphins caught in the net. They were struggling just to get air, they were bobbing up and down just to breath. Then when you think it couldn’t get worse, the fisherman pushed them under water, it looked like they were pushing them to drown them, not to free them in any way!!! Finally when you thought they would die, they somehow escaped the nets!!! They are still trapped in the cove, and I can only imagine that tomorrow they will die, but watching them struggle as the fisherman did nothing to help, and then watch them get pushed under water, once again demonstrates what these people are capable of!!! Just horrible, and Martyns raw emotion was so moving! Couldn’t watch it with dry eyes!!!

  7. Barbaric monsters that poison their own children with contaminated meat, how sick can you get?
    They are a third world country, their economy is on the verge of collalpse. Their unwillingness to join the 21st century will be the end of Japan!

    1. Actually, Japan is considered a “first world country” just like North America, Western Europe, and Australia. That’s part of the issue, they have so many resources and economic choices. They don’t need to be doing this.

  8. Oh my gosh that is horrible. Thank you Louise for the info. I am actually glad I do not have access to the video, I do not think I could bear to watch. The poor dolphins, my heart breaks for them. I wish they could be freed, how hard it must be to be there and know there is NOTHING you can do. No wonder Elora sounds so depressed. Thanks again

  9. ssssooo much blood! Hang in there Elora! we all support you 100%! keep your head up!
    =) you are awesome!

  10. Elora, Many of us will be in Boston tomorrow for the IMATA Conference, to educate the public about the “trainers” direct link to the Taiji slaughter and the captivity trade. My husband and I and many of our friends will be holding signs and handing out informational brochures. If any of the activists have a chance, we would like to hear what IMATA members have to say about the dolphins and whales they work with in captivity, for their hands are just as bloody as the “trainers” in Taiji who callously choose dolphins for captivity while those dolphins’ relatives are murdered. I can only keep hoping that our work will make a difference. I know your work is making a difference, and I admire your courage more and more every day.

    Much love from New Hampshire!
    Barbara & Bruce Lovett FAR FAST DEEP!

  11. Whenever I look at your pictures I am struck by the stark contrast between beauty and horror. The area you photograph is truly beautiful but yet it is complicit in a horrendous activity. It’s blue water constantly tinged with red. Just like people can be absolutely selfless and generous yet greedy and cruel. I went to Chicago to protest at the Embassy and we had a poster that read “Dolphins are not food” and people were truly shocked. Yet you know who stopped to get information? the older people. The younger folks barely looked up from their iphones to roll their eyes at “activists”.

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