Again-In late!

I want to apologize for not giving detailed blogs about what we are doing in Tokyo right now! We just get into the hotels so late, and tomorrow I have to be out the door (suit case packed and all by 7am!). Something very amazing is happening tomorrow morning, that I cannot wait to blog about! (Sorry still a surprise!)…

Today we had an interview in the morning, with a Japanese news reporter!

We spent our afternoon seeing some of Tokyo with friends. They took us to a shrine, and we prayed for the oceans, we looked at the beautiful Japanese flowers, and I drew a fortune from a box! This was so cool, I pulled it out (and of course I don’t read Japanese) so I asked our friend to translate it, they all gasped and kept saying “this is the best one, there are only ten in the entire box”! We still have to translate it, but it was for good luck…. good travel, good fortune, and good health are all we translated right there. 🙂

This evening we went to a lecture at a university, they were discussing the Japanese law, criminal and justice system. Then they spoke civil, family, and small matters system. We have a lot of both interesting information now, and also distressing. The professor was talking about all the cases of people confessing to crimes (as serious as murder) that they did not commit, because of the torture during the 23 day holding period. He said that prosecutors can withhold any or all evidence that backs up the persons innocence, living the innocent person in death row. He gave the names of several people who were killed, for crimes that they did not commit. That this information came out after their death… and this is still allowed to happen!

Tomorrow we leave Tokyo in the afternoon, and I will be writing my several page blog about the days last events on the hours I will be riding the train! So I look forward to finally telling everyone what is going on!


Far fast and deep,

Elora Malama West

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    1. A Japanese,

      This story by Fuji TV is rather biased to say the least. With initial impresssions of the Sea Shepherds as outsiders in black shirts, trolls and radicals as well as comments that whales and dolphins are animals no different than cows and pigs, it is readily apparent whose side this reporter is on. Furthermore, it is unwise to make implications that Sea Shepherd is a violater of laws in the Southern Ocean without stating the full facts. If the ramming of Japanese vessels by Sea Shepherds is unlawful in the eyes of Japan than so should the killing of minke whales under the guise of research in a designated whale sanctuary by these same vessels. Sea Shepherd is welcome in Australian waters and in their ports, Japan is not. Who is being unlawful? As for the vegeterian comment, a correction is needed. Elora and her Dad are vegans, not vegetarians (there is a big difference between the two) and they have done a damn good job at staying that way even in a country whose cuisine is mainly fish based. To make implications other than this is purely speculative by this reporter. Scott West is being accused of asking the reporters to go away. Yes, Scott did this when the reporters blatantly disregarded the wishes of the motel owner who did not want news media at her establishment. Afterwards, the reporters apologized for trespasssing on her property and Scott had no further problem with having them follow him and his daughter. But of course, there is no mention of this in the story. Supposed statements made by Scott West were not quoted. Why not? If this is journalism at it’s best in Japan, it is truly sad. This story should have been presented by the reporter stating the views of both sides and the readers should be the one to make his or her own decision. In my opinion, this reporter is “childish” and should go back to school to learn the art of proper journalism. One more note, as to the reference of the amounts of funds that SS may or may not have I am sure it is not as much as the Japanese stand to make with their stock pile of whale and blue fin tuna. Now, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black!

      1. Way to go, Mary! You’re absolutely right. “A Japanese” has no merit and neither do these articles. I normally would chime in, but you seemed to have covered all bases with your post 🙂

        Can’t wait to hear all about your endeavors, Elora.

  1. Hi Elora,

    I stumbled across your blog from a link in an OPS newsletter and just wanted to encourage you and the people you are working with. I saw The Cove only a few weeks ago and have been thinking often about what goes on in Taiji. I am at home with a baby and not in a position to be an activist myself but am so glad you are able to do what you do. Be encouraged, I will keep you in my prayers.

    Sara (England)

  2. I read the article and I agree with what Mary said, completely. It is a load of crap and boils my blood. I suggest to anyone who wants to read it, be prepared to get pissed and definitely do not read the comments, they made my ears steam!

    1. Angela,

      I didn’t even see the comments. It appears I was wrong in assuming that this is a journalist as it appears to be only a stupid blogger. Should have seen that one! I attempted to post some comments but don’t believe they will show up after their moderation as I was not too kind. I love the way someone commented on the dolphions’ mating rituals. That one never seems to get old. If we use this argument than everyone in jail for rape should be automatically killed….would open up a lot of space in the jails I say.

  3. It’s very apparent the Japanese media (controlled by it’s government) will only show one side to a story, the side the government wants you to believe. They do not give the Japanese people the opportunity to think for themselves, and don’t even get me started on their laws. It’s so unfortunate, a country that has all the opportunity to be a world leader has fallen behind significantly. A prime example is Costa Rica and Nicaragua’s “no dolphin” policies. These countries, at one time considered “third world” countries, have stepped up to the plate in conservation-surpassing Asia and the UK. Pretty amazing!

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