Innoshima, Hiroshima, Tokyo…

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This morning we walked from our hotel in Hiroshima to the A-bomb dome.  I have difficulty comprehending what happened there.

Later we headed for Mihara to return our car and get on a train to Tokyo, at about 10am.

I found out that we were going to be riding the fastest train in Japan, the bullet, by watching (more like missing) a bullet go by. I had dropped the cap to my soda, and when I bent down to pick it up, it got very windy, and then looked up to see the last three cars on a (probably) twelve car train go by. This all happened in like eight seconds. I was so confused… and now afraid to get on the train, I didn’t know if I was going to feel like I was on a roller coaster for hours!

We were on the train for five hours! I watched the sky go from blue, to orange, to black. Once we reached the city I couldn’t see anything out the window, but high buildings and bright lights.

Getting off the train was crazy! People everywhere moving quickly, and all the signs were in Japanese so we were very confused! Haha. But we found our way to where our friend was waiting for us!

We checked into our hotel and then found this AMAZING vegetarian dumpling place! We ate so much food, and my dad and I were very hungry and happy to have it!

Tomorrow we meet with lots of press to discuss the dolphin slaughter, environmental problems in Japan, and whaling. But of course the dolphins and whales are the item of most importance tomorrow!

I am sorry so all the secrecy, but we cannot release everything we are doing here in Tokyo to the world yet! Please understand and I will cover everything once we are back in Katsuura!

Lets not forget the 20 souls that died in Taiji today. May they swim far, fast, and deep peacefully now, elsewhere and away from man-kind.

Far, Fast, and deep,

Elora Malama West

9 thoughts on “Innoshima, Hiroshima, Tokyo…”

  1. None of us will forget the ones who have lost the fight….were you affected by the Tokyo quake at all????
    Take care…..

  2. Je continue de vous suvire, nous sommes marqués et continueront de nous informer.
    Merci d’être nos yeux.


  3. Wow Thank You for those pictures,Still am totally amazed after all these years,It is difficult comprehending what happened there. Dont worry about the secrecy we all understand.Have a safe trip back.

  4. Elora, I am really happy to hear that you are getting to experience some different areas of Japan, some “big city” culture, and some of the amazing, historic, and beautiful parts of the country. Gabe will be super jealous… he’s wanted to ride the shinkansen since he was about 8 and our Japanese exchange student brought him a video of the train. Try to soak up as much as you can, while attending to your important business in the city.

  5. Good luck you two. Tell your father that Rosie is a deckhand on the Bob Barker and loving it.Spoke to her ealier and she sounds super excited.
    I am very curious about what you 2 are up to but understand the secrecy.
    Be safe. lots of love from Africa

  6. Elora
    I just want to apologize to you. I do not know if you read my comment to you or even remember, it was Thanksgiving day. I said some mean things, I was hurt , but you are the one there fighting the fight. If you and Scott choose not to publish what species of dolphins are being driven in, I have to respect that. I just watched the videos from November 8th where you confronted the trainers. You are a brave young woman and I have the up most respect for you, and again I apologize, I do hope you forgive me.

  7. don’t ya’ just love the way “they” report things in their media????? WE know the truth……

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