Innoshima, Hiroshima…. to be continued.

The Nisshin Maru

My dad and I think that it is a good time to let everyone know where we really are, right now. We left Taiji yesterday morning and went to Innoshima where we found what we were looking for, the Japanese whaling fleet’s “mother ship”, Nisshin Maru.

We came here to see if it was still in port.

I am very upset that 50 lives were taken at the Cove today, but we have things happening elsewhere in Japan that will keep us away from Taiji for a little while.

My mom will be doing all updates on what is going in Taiji via Thomas, Martin, and Kim who are the only eyes on the cove for right now!

I assure you everything we are doing is in the best interest of the dolphins and whales!

-Earlier Today

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I only had about ten hours notice that we were going to Innoshima to hunt down and spy on the Japanese Whaling Fleet’s factory ship, the Nisshin Maru. So yesterday morning we hoped on a train and rented a car in Mahira and then took off looking for the death star of the Japanese whaling fleet. We found it fairly easily. They didn’t have it hidden at all. Once we were on the island that the Japan newspaper article said it was docked at, we headed down the coast. The factory ship was at the first large shipping port that we found. But we didn’t know it…

My dad and I stumbled across this place with giant cranes and ships on dry docks. The one ship you can actually see from the road, over the small cement wall, is a ship calling the Sunny Joy. This thing is huge! I felt as small as a grain of sand just looking at it. But a little down the road you could see the very top of another ship structure, a cream and black one… that happened to look a lot like the picture we pulled up on my Iphone for reference.

We drove up a bunch of very small roads to the tops of hills, but this ship was “conviently” behind the biggest building in the shipyard, so we had no luck.

That is until we found a very tiny, ferry loading dock. It was empty when we found it because one had just left, but there was a trail past some very run down looking shacks and piles of trash. There was a plant with a plastic gasoline tank sitting in it next to a chair. But this trail lead to a dock that went straight out into the direction we wanted to see.

So we walked down it, and sure enough… right in front of us bigger than ship, was a black and cream ship with the wording “ICRWhale.org” and “Nisshin Maru”. So we got in line for the ferry, drove around the island on the other side, and found the spot where we could see “research” on the side of the vessel.  There was no denying the fact that we found a Whale’s worst nightmare.

I was very disturbed the rest of the day. Just thinking about how many lives have been taken aboard that vessel…

Today we checked on it again, and then drove to Hiroshima. We are staying in a hotel kitty corner to the A-Bomb chapel site. We walked around this evening and studied it for a little while. Then we got some dinner. I want to photograph it a lot better, but my camera is still new to me so I need to do it in the daylight. My dad really wanted to see this, his father fought in World War II and he had heard about this all his life.

As for me, I don’t like war or what it does to the planet from destroying lives, to destroying this planet. I’m what you might call a world peace, hippie.

Well we return to Taiji when we are done and stay till the 9th. We have things planned for this week that could possibly move Taiji forward in a positive way.

We must not forget that not only was a family of possibly over 150 lost each other today… but 50 of them were slaughtered. I feel bad not being there, but I guess I should get used to it, because after the 9th I won’t be here till next year.

We will keep you posted on what’s happening with us, and my mom will be updating my Teenage Activist Facebook Page on what is happening in Taiji Via the crew on the ground there right now.

Far, Fast, and Deep,

Elora Malama West

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the update!
    Just a quick question:
    I saw the picture of goods being lifted.
    Are these goods being lifted into the Nisshin Maru or from the Nisshin Maru to shore/other cargo?



  2. I wonder, Dear Elora, I wonder how long it would take to “re-fit” another vessel if something were to happen to the Nisshin???? or event to build a new larger one???? how would the whalers(should have used another word here, I am thinking..) function without the factory ship??? If she would only run aground or something…no sabotage, please…just wondering……I hope your day is a peaceful one, little hippie!!!!!

    1. Hay! I think we will soon find out… Some of the Japanese Whaling fleet boats are very old and will soon need expensive repairs, so that will leave them enough room to exit whaling gracefully, and save face at the same time. Im super worried about the meeting that Japan and other pro whaling nations are having.

    1. Wow I guess I have a Japanese last name so am getting thumbs down from the haters. Why does this have to be about race? I am not even Japanese.

      1. People are so tacky and bigoted, Kim….I’ve noticed if you scroll down the comments,sometimes every one of them will have a thumbs down…..trolls, perhaps…don’t even worry about it…It isn’t the Japanese citizens people are so mad at…it’s the Mayor of Taiji and the fishermen….so many many people in Japan have/had no idea what was going on until the media got a hold of it …..Ignore the ignorant….

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