The Nisshin Maru

My dad and I think that it is a good time to let everyone know where we really are, right now. We left Taiji yesterday morning and went to Innoshima where we found what we were looking for, the Japanese whaling fleets “mother ship”, Nisshin Maru. 

We came here to see if it was still in port. 

I am very upset that 50 lives were taken at the Cove today, but we have things happening else where in Japan that will keep us away from Taiji until November 3rd. 

My mom will be doing all updates on what is going in Taiji via Thomas, Martin, and Kim who are the only eyes on the cove for right now! 

I ensure you everything we are doing is in the best interest of the dolphins and whales! 

Far fat and deep,
Elora Malama west 
Scott West 

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  1. I am so thankful that you and your dad went down to Innoshima to find out the status of the whaling fleet, especially the factory ship. I am so glad that the Nisshin Maru is still in port. Since I learned that the whaling fleet has not left port, I had wondered if the whalers were up to something. I really appreciate your and your dad being the eyes and ears for the rest of us in regards to whaling and dolphin drive hunts. Without you, your dad, and the Cove Guardians, we would not have fresh information to take up to the officials in our letters, calls, faxes, and e-mails. We would not be able to cover such issues in our discussions with people that are able to work alongside with us in abolishing Japan’s most cruel acts.

    Yes, I completely trust that you, your dad, and the SSCS participate in activities that are in the best interest of the oceans and wild cetaceans. Japan not only slaughters and captures dolphins, but slaughters whales (along the coast and in the high seas) and porpoises, sharks, and tuna along the coast. Japan hires fishermen to catch tuna in the Mediterranean. Japan engages in excessive fishing practices and bribes other countries to buy votes at the IWC meetings. We all know that Japan does not have protective laws in place for marine mammals and that Japan engages in excessive ocean pilfering. Such atrocities – especially the dolphin drive hunts – are getting so out of hand that it takes us, international people, to put pressure on Japan to act on behalf of the oceans and its inhabitants. Even though there are a few that speak up, it really is so unfortunate that there is hardly an outcry from the Japanese people about the slaughter of sea creatures. We just have to keep up with the pressure on that country and not give up at all.

    i am so incredibly upset to hear about today’s slaughter of all dolphins. I heard that it was so downright brutal and extremely reckless. I spent the entire evening on my Smartphone receiving updates and commenting. Not without any tears! Now I am going to work on my letter to the embassies, consulates, and fishery office which I always do every day.


  2. Good Luck Elora and Scott. You guys rock.
    All the cove guardians do. We really appreciate you coming to Japan.
    Lol I luv your typo at the end swim far FAT deep. A much needed laugh after horrible news from Taiji again.
    I imagined all the dolphins giving the fishermen the finger, a fat one! Lol 🙂
    Take care of yourselves

    1. To the people giving me the thumbs down, I wish you would tell me why. Aren’t we all on the same side?

      1. Thanks Elora 🙂 I was getting paranoid.
        Yes the iPhone takes a while to get used to. That’s why I was laughing at your typo because I have made many using an iPhone.
        Take care

  3. i’ve followed some of your work in the past – read your account of your first ‘action’ with your dad, and i think you’re a wonderful person with a beautiful heart. it takes not only courage and determination to do what you’ve been doing, but self-confidence, and faith in yourself and your family and friends – i’m so glad you’ve experienced the thrill of direct action, however i am utterly saddened and dismayed at the reasons why you’ve experienced these things. keep up the GREAT work – i fully support you and all you do. having been an ‘active activist’ myself, i can only say – ‘well done – keep going!! never stop! and thankyou – a million times – thankyou.’

  4. Stay safe & well you and your Dad. Thank you so much for your posts. You 2 ( and the Cove Guardians ) are everyones eyes and ears so that we know what is happening and when it’s happening so that in our letters & phone calls we have the current details to relay about why we are so upset each time. You and everyone there are an inspiration to the rest of us!

  5. Hello Elora….we know and understand you are not “ubiquitous”….so go and do what you have to do and we need to know about the NISSHIN anyway, don’t we…DECEMBER 3 is soooo close now!!!! Thank you and your DAD!!!!

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