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7am- They were swimming along, a happy family. 2pm the same day- Five were taken and the rest were gutted.

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Every time I drive past that harbor, and see those boats are out… I just know they are molesting an innocent family, for profit! And then I get sick…

Right now it is only my dad, Thomas, and me… so we went to our normal look out place, all three of us. We have more people arriving this week! So we will be back to a large team soon! It wasn’t long until two different groups of boats appeared with pods. They came from around the lighthouse… either the pod split, or they managed to find two at one time. Either way, it was a disturbing sight.

The first pod was just not having any of this! They were appearing behind the boats and then racing away, but the poor things were so tired they were no match to the speed of those boats! The second pod, which was way out towards the horizon, seemed to be going along for the ride, which just broke my heart! They didn’t know what was going on, how could they? All they knew was that they were being chased, by a never ending clanking!

Once the fist pod was being driven into the funnel we went to “Le wall”. This is when I got a little bit of hope! They were still fighting, and popping up behind the boats, I just wanted to scream “GO DOLPHINS GO!” But, I yelled it in my head instead since the situation was really tense!

It was incredible, the dolphins were actually at the mouth of the Cove, I watched them surface, and then kinda vanish! I was searching everywhere for them with my camera and all the molesters were dumbfounded! Then my dad walked over to me and said “don’t look at me… the dolphins are behind me heading for the harbor.” I almost did the happy dance right there, but didn’t want to jinx anything! The boats eventually went racing over there, but then stopped and never returned with anything, instead they went out to help their buddies with the second pod that was being driven to it’s death. The first pod we are about 90% sure got away!

The second pod was not so lucky. They went right into the killing Cove. Then everyone left. Except for the coast guard and police that were all around us. We got comfortable and ready to be there all day. My dad got the listening device and we stood on the rocks listening to this very sad whistling. Then we could hear a boat motor… and that is when they arrived. The whistling got louder, but then I gave the headphones to my dad so I could photograph… I will never forget that sound. It will haunt me for the rest of my life.

One molester fell out of a boat! Funniest thing I have seen since I have been here!

Five dolphins were taken for slavery. An estimated 23 died today. I am so disgusted with our species right now,

We are really down today, something about watching one pod get away, and another not being so lucky… or maybe it’s just witnessing death all the time lately. Whatever it is, it has to stop. This has to stop. And humans are the only ones who can make that happen… it’s kinda ironic, the same species that are destroying, are the only ones that can save this planet!

Far Fast and Deep,

Elora Malama

Oh! We ran into Surfer Boy (One of the dolphin trainers) at the supermarket today. So we messed with him a little bit, hence the picture.

14 thoughts on “7am- They were swimming along, a happy family. 2pm the same day- Five were taken and the rest were gutted.”

  1. saying a quiet “goodbye” to all our little friends of the deep………you fought the good fight ,dear friends…I am truly sorry~~~~~

  2. killing such beautiful dolphins never be allowed! We cannot forget each dolphin who fought for their lives. This must be stopped!

  3. I really don’t know how you do this day after day and stay sane! I am heartbroken over the loss again. I can’t imagine the horror these beautiful creatures endure. It makes my stomach sick. Evil molesters, this will all come back to haunt them x100! What they do is completely unnatural and inhumane!!

    1. Dear Elora, were doing all that is possible to spread the news on what is happening in Taiji. It is thanks to you and the other cove guardiens that this news gets out into the world. We are so gratefull to you to be there, your courage of facing this day after day. I don’t know how to put my, and I am sure I speak for many now all over the world, admiration for you all in words. You are a wonderfull person as are the other cove guardians and the future one’s. One day will come that this will be banned as the Japanese authorities are getting nervous about all this, the reactions of people around the globe. I have been sending letters to the Japanese embassy in Belgium and guess what … the Japanese put in a complaint with the Belgian authorities. They called me to know about my intentions but I could feel that the authorities had sympathy for what I was doing. So that is the proof that your actions are paying of big time !!! We are proud of you all !!! Keep up the spirit !!! Warm regards, Conrad and a lot of Belgian supporters.

  4. Hay!
    Of topic a bit but I was on the IRC Whale web page, and they claim the use lethal and non-lethal methods of studying whales.
    I can find examples of all the lethal methods they use on their page (which is hard to read through so much B.S!) but no examples of what non-lethal methods they use, or what they find from their non-lethal methods. I would post this on FB but I cant get on it at the moment. Does anyone reading this blog know their “non-lethal” methods? Because I just think they are lying.

    1. Unless you are using lethal injection, there is no non-lethal methods because whales and dolphins are too BIG to be killed humanely. Therefor, they’re going to continue to use harpoons, knives, spears, etc. in order to kill them.

      I have read the Faeroe’s islanders’ methods are supposedly “humane” by using a specialized knife that severs the spinal cord, making the death relatively quick. However, seeing this year’s past hunts, where a majority of the pilot whales were killed merely dumped in a deep sea-gorge of sorts, letting tons of mercury-laced whale meat and lives to go to waste, I’m starting to question how effective this method really is.

  5. I don’t know how you do it but I’m so thankful that the animals have you as their advocate. I admire you and your unwavering dedication. So many souls lost and yet so many saved because your work. Thank you!

  6. Do divers still cut nets to help the dolphins? If they are driven to the Cove they are doomed to die!
    These deaths need to be prevented or all of these animals will cease to exist from Japan’s waters.

  7. The deeply affected dolphins will always be with us, right in our hearts. That day was one of the most difficult ones – one pod was able to get away but the other did not – and all of us were greatly affected by the trauma and tragedy of the drive hunt. I am just so grateful that yesterday was so much better – a dolphin-free day – with the boats remaining in the harbor. My deep hope is that today will be the exact same.


  8. I wish there was more we could do. This is so frustrating.
    I don’t understand how this is still going on. We need to get the people of Japan to help more, I know the cove guardians are trying to accomplish this. They need to take there country back! And STOP THE BLOOD SHED!!
    I continue to help spread the word. And have sent/sending out emails to the Embassy, Prime Minister of Japan AND Ministry of Ag, forestry and fishery. And call the consulate in my state.

    Thank you for being there. I may try to come. I already received info from your dad. I’m just afraid to come by myself! 😦

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